United States presidential election in Georgia, 1992

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United States presidential election in Georgia, 1992
Georgia (U.S. state)
← 1988 November 3, 1992 1996 →
  44 Bill Clinton 3x4.jpg 43 George H.W. Bush 3x4.jpg Ross Perot.jpg
Nominee Bill Clinton George H. W. Bush Ross Perot
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Home state Arkansas Texas Texas
Running mate Al Gore Dan Quayle James Stockdale
Electoral vote 13 0 0
Popular vote 1,008,966 995,252 309,657
Percentage 43.5% 42.9% 13.3%

County Results
  Tie Clinton/Bush—<50%

President before election

George H. W. Bush

Elected President

Bill Clinton

The 1992 United States presidential election in Georgia took place on November 3, 1992 throughout all 50 states and D.C., which was part of the 1992 United States presidential election. Voters chose 13 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

Georgia was won by Governor Bill Clinton (D-AR). The presidential contest in the Peach state was the closest of any state that year with Clinton winning 43.47% to 42.88% over Incumbent President George H. W. Bush (R) by a razor thin margin of 0.59%. This made it the first time that Georgia had voted Democratic since 1980, when it voted for Jimmy Carter, who was the former Governor. The state has remained Republican since this election.[1] From the mid-1960s until about the early 1990s, Georgia was a swing state in presidential elections, but also a state in which Democrats generally dominated congressional and state and local elections. Billionaire Businessman Ross Perot (I-TX) finished in third with a significant 13.34% of the popular vote in the Peach state.[2] This is the last time that Democrats would carry Georgia's electoral votes in a presidential election. Following this election Georgia would gradually become a 'red state' following the Republican Revolution of 1994.

However, despite Clinton's victory in the Peach state, Republicans made significant gains during coincidal congressional elections with former state Senator and Peace Corps Director Paul Coverdell's (R) victory over Incumbent U.S. Senator Wyche Fowler (D) in the Senate election runoff and gaining three of Georgia's U.S. House seats.

The Peach state and the state of Vermont almost never voted for the same party. Georgia never voted Republican until 1964, it's a traditionally Republican state today. Coincidentally, Vermont never voted Democratic until 1964, it's a traditionally Democratic state today. The 1992 election is the only election where Georgia and Vermont vote for a Democrat together. (They voted Republican together in 1972, 1984, and 1988) In fact, in 1992, Georgia and Vermont were tied for being the first states to be won by Bill Clinton (alongside New Hampshire), despite how close the races were.


United States presidential election in Georgia, 1992[3]
Party Candidate Running mate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Bill Clinton Al Gore 1,008,966 43.47% 13
Republican George H. W. Bush Dan Quayle 995,252 42.88% 0
Independent Ross Perot James Stockdale 309,657 13.34% 0
Libertarian Andre Marrou Nancy Lord 7,110 0.31% 0
America First James "Bo" Gritz (write-in) Cyril Minett 78 0.0% 0
New Alliance Party Lenora Fulani (write-in) Maria Elizabeth Muñoz 44 0.0% 0
Other write-ins 10 0.0% 0
Socialist Workers James Warren (write-in) Estelle DeBates 9 0.0% 0
Taxpayers Howard Phillips (write-in) Albion Knight, Jr. 7 0.0% 0
Totals 2,321,133 100.00% 13
Voter turnout (Voting age) 47%