United States presidential election in Hawaii, 1992

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United States presidential election in Hawaii, 1992

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  44 Bill Clinton 3x4 2.jpg 43 George H.W. Bush 3x4 2.jpg RossPerotColor.jpg
Nominee Bill Clinton George H.W. Bush Ross Perot
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Home state Arkansas Texas Texas
Running mate Al Gore Dan Quayle James Stockdale
Electoral vote 4 0 0
Popular vote 179,310 136,822 53,003
Percentage 48.09% 36.70% 14.22%

County Results

President before election

George H. W. Bush

Elected President

Bill Clinton

The 1992 United States presidential election in Hawaii took place on November 3, 1992, as part of the 1992 United States presidential election. Voters chose four representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Hawaii was won by Governor Bill Clinton (D-Arkansas) with 48.09% of the popular vote over incumbent President George H.W. Bush (R-Texas) with 36.70%. Businessman Ross Perot (I-Texas) finished in third, with 14.22% of the popular vote, which was nonetheless Perot’s poorest showing outside the District of Columbia and antebellum slave states.[1] Clinton ultimately won the national vote, defeating incumbent President Bush. Clinton comfortably won Hawaii by a margin of 11.39%. It has only voted Republican twice since its statehood (1972 for Richard Nixon, and 1984 for Ronald Reagan). These Republican wins were landslides for Presidents Nixon and Reagan who both carried 49 out of 50 states. Hawaii has remained reliably Democratic since.[2]


United States presidential election in Hawaii, 1992[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Bill Clinton 179,310 48.09% 4
Republican George H.W. Bush (incumbent) 136,822 36.70% 0
Independent Ross Perot 53,003 14.22% 0
America First James "Bo" Gritz 1,452 0.39% 0
Libertarian Andre Marrou 1,119 0.30% 0
New Alliance Party Lenora Fulani 720 0.19% 0
Natural Law Dr. John Hagelin 416 0.11% 0
Totals 372,842 100.0% 4


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