United States results in men's freestyle wrestling

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Wrestlers from the United States have taken part in most of the major men's freestyle wrestling competitions over the years, in particular the Olympic Games and World Wrestling Championships. Men's freestyle wrestling competition at the Olympics was first held in 1904. FILA (now known as United World Wrestling) began holding World Championships in men's freestyle in 1951.

During Olympic years there is only six weight classes contested, with the World Championships featuring ten weight classes since 2018. The World Championships contest the six Olympic, along with four non-Olympic weight classes. The United States did not send wrestlers to the championships in 1951, 1957, 1959, 1980, and 2002. No official team standings are kept for the Olympics. Some team finishes are approximate.

Olympics and World Championships[edit]


Year Team Finish  47.6 kg 52.2 kg 56.7 kg 61.2 kg 65.8 kg 71.7 kg 71.7+ kg
1904 1st   Curry, Robert (1st)   Mehnert, George (1st)   Niflot, Isidor (1st)   Bradshaw, Benjamin (1st)  Roehm, Otto (1st)  Ericksen, Charles (1st)   Hansen, Bernhoff (1st)
    Hein, John (2nd) Bauer, Gustave (2nd) Wester, August (2nd) McLear, Theodore (2nd)  Tesing, Rudolph (2nd) Beckmann, William (2nd) Kugler, Frank (2nd)
    Thiefenthaler, Gustav (3rd) Nelson, William (3rd) Strebler, Louis (3rd) Clapper, Charles (3rd) Zirkel, Albert (3rd) Jerry Winholtz (3rd) Warmbold, Fred (3rd)
    Holgate, Claude (4th) N/A Four Other Competitors Six Other Competitors Seven Other Competitors Seven Other Competitors Two Other Competitors


Year Team Finish  54 kg 60.3 kg 66.6 kg 73 kg 73+ kg
1908 2nd   Mehnert, George (1st)   Dole, George (1st) Krug, John (5th)  Craige, John (DNP)     Talbot, Lee (DNP)
N/A N/A  N/A Narganes, Frank (DNP) N/A


Year Team Finish  60 kg 67.5 kg 75 kg 82.5 kg 82.5+ kg
1920 2nd   Ackerly, Charles (1st)    Metropoulos, George (DNP)  Johnson, Charley (3rd)   Maurer, Walter (3rd)   Pendleton, Nat (2nd)
   Gerson, Samuel (2nd)  Shimmon, Joseph (DNP)  Frantz, Angus (4th)   Redman, John (4th)  Meyer, Fred (3rd)


Year Team Finish  56 kg 61 kg 66 kg 72 kg 79 kg 87 kg 87+ kg
1924 1st Hines, Bryan (3rd)  Reed, Robin (1st)   Vis, Russell (1st)  Lookabaugh, Guy (4th)  Smith, Herschel (DNP)   Spellman, John (1st) Steel, Harry (1st)
MacWilliam, Milton (DNP) Newton, Chester (2nd) Martter, Perry (DNP) Johnson, William (5th) Wright, Walter (DNP) Strack, Charles (DNP)  Flanders, Roger (DNP)
1928 4th   Hewitt, Robert (5th)  Morrison, Allie (1st)  Berryman, Clarence (6th)   Appleton, Lloyd (2nd)     Hammond, Ralph (4th)     Edwards, Heywood (4th)   George, Ed (4th)
1932 1st Pearce, Robert (1st)  Nemir, Edgar (2nd)  Clodfelter, Melvin (4th)  van Bebber, Jack (1st)  Hess, Robert (4th)   Mehringer, Peter (1st)   Riley, Jack (2nd)
1936 2nd   Flood, Ross (2nd)  Millard, Francis (2nd)  Strong, Harley (5th)   Lewis, Frank (1st)   Voliva, Richard (2nd)   Clemons, Ray (5th)    Dunn, Roy (DNP)


Year Team Finish  52 kg 57 kg 62 kg (−1961), 63 kg (1962–1968) 67 kg (−1961), 70 kg (1962–1968) 73 kg (−1961), 78 kg (1962–1968) 79 kg (−1961), 87 kg (1962–1968) 87 kg (−1961), 97 kg (1962–1968) 87+ kg (−1961), 97+ kg (1962–1968)
1948 2nd Jernigan, William (7th)   Leeman, Gerald (2nd)  Moore, Hal (6th) Koll, Bill (5th)  Merrill, Leland (3rd)   Brand, Glen (1st)   Wittenberg, Henry (1st)   Hutton, Richard (7th)
 1949 N/A Event Not Held
 1950 N/A Event Not Held
1951 DNC Team Did not compete
1952 4th  Peery, Robert (7th)  Borders, Bill (DNP) Henson, Josiah (3rd) Evans, Jay (2nd)  Smith, William (1st)  Hodge, Dan (DNP)  Wittenberg, Henry (2nd)   Kerslake, William (5th)
 1953 N/A Event Not Held
1954    8th Delgado, Richard (5th)   Rose, James (5th)  Rice, Alan (5th)  No Recorded Competitor     Holt, James (6th)      Hubel, Wenzel (4th)   Thomas, Dale (6th)  No Recorded Competitor
 1955 N/A Event Not Held
1956 6th  Delgado, Richard (5th) Allen, Lee (DNP) Roderick, Myron (4th)  Evans, Jay (5th)  Fischer, Ernest (8th) Hodge, Dan (2nd) Blair, Peter (3rd)  Kerslake, William (7th)
1957 DNC Team Did not compete
 1958 N/A Event Not Held
1959 DNC Team Did not compete
1960 2nd  Simons, Gray (5th)  McCann, Terry (1st)  Giani, Louis (DNP)  Wilson, Shelby (1st)  Blubaugh, Douglas (1st)  DeWitt, Ed (4th) Brand, Daniel (5th)  Kerslake, William (8th)
1961 9th  Wilson, Richard (5th)   Molino, Carmen (5th)    Allen, Lee (6th)  Rodriguez, Michael (5th)  Perillo, Earl (6th)  Camilleri, Russ (6th) Brand, Daniel (4th) Lewis, Dale (DNP)
1962  6th Wilson, Richard (DNP)   Aubel, Dave (4th)   Finley, Ron (4th)  Ruth, Gregory (5th)  Ferguson, James (3rd)  Farrell, Bill (DNP)  Brand, Daniel (3rd) Solowin, Merrell (DNP)
1963  6th  Fitch, Andrew (6th)  Aubel, Dave (DNP)   Finley, Ron (4th) Ruth, Gregory (3rd)  Lahr, Dean (4th)   Camilleri, Russ (6th)    Winer, Russell (DNP)  Solowin, Merrell (DNP)
1964 8th  Simons, Gray (7th)    Aubel, Dave (4th)   Douglas, Bobby (4th)   Ruth, Gregory (5th)   Tribble, Charles (DNP)  Brand, Daniel (3rd)   Conine, Gerald (6th)  Kristoff, Larry (7th)
1965 8th  Sanders, Rick (DNP) No Recorded Competitor Douglas, Bobby (DNP) Burke, James (DNP)  Camilleri, Russ (DNP)  Baughman, Wayne (5th)  Conine, Gerald (DNP) Kristoff, Larry (3rd)
1966 7th  Sanders, Rick (3rd)   Powell, Fred (5th)   Douglas, Bobby (2nd)  Holzer, Werner (4th)  Kauffman, Len (4th)  Lahr, Dean (5th)   Lewis, Jess (5th)  Kristoff, Larry (2nd)
1967 6th Sanders, Rick (2nd)   Sofman, Richard (DNP)  Young, Michael (3rd) Holzer, Werner (DNP) Kelly, Patrick (DNP)  Baughman, Wayne (6th) Houska, Harry (4th)  Kristoff, Larry (3rd)
1968 6th  Sanders, Rick (2nd)    Behm, Don (2nd)  Douglas, Bobby (DNP) Wells, Wayne (4th)    Combs, Steve (7th)  Peckham, Thomas (4th)    Lewis, Jess (6th)  Kristoff, Larry (5th)


Year Team Finish 48 kg 52 kg 57 kg 62 kg 68 kg 74 kg 82 kg 90 kg 100 kg 100+ kg (−1984), 130 kg (1985–1996)
1969 2nd   Kestel, Dale (5th) Sanders, Rick (1st)  Behm, Don (2nd) Young, Michael (5th)   Douglas, Bobby (4th)   Wells, Wayne (2nd) Fozzard, Fred (1st) Schenk, Henk (3rd) Kristoff, Larry (2nd)  Rasley, Rocky (5th)
1970 4th    Orta, Joe (DNP)  Morley, John (5th)    Behm, Don (5th) Young, Michael (3rd)  Douglas, Bobby (3rd)  Wells, Wayne (1st)    Fozzard, Fred (5th) Harlow, Bill (2nd)  Kristoff, Larry (2nd)   Wojciechowski, Greg (4th)
1971 4th   Gonzales, Sergio (6th)  Carr, Jimmy (DNP)   Behm, Don (2nd)  Davis, Gene (4th) Gable, Dan (1st)    Gallego, Mike (DNP)     Peterson, John (DNP)  Hellickson, Russ (3rd)  Kristoff, Larry (DNP)   Deadrich, Buck (DNP)
1972 2nd  Gonzales, Sergio (7th)   Carr, Jimmy (DNP) Sanders, Rick (2nd) Davis, Gene (DNP)  Gable, Dan (1st)   Wells, Wayne (1st)  Peterson, John (2nd) Peterson, Ben (1st)   Schenk, Henk (DNP)   Taylor, Chris (3rd)
1973 3rd  Range, David (DNP)    Geller, Henry (DNP)  Behm, Don (4th)  Morgan, Larry (4th)  Keaser, Lloyd (1st)     Dziedzic, Stan (DNP)  Peterson, John (DNP)  Peterson, Ben (3rd)   Duschen, James (DNP)  McCready, Mike (DNP)
1974 15th  Rosado, William (DNP)  Breece, Gary (DNP)   Gitcho, Jan (DNP)  Humphrey, Jim (DNP)  Davis, Gene (6th)     Dziedzic, Stan (5th)   Hicks, Greg (DNP)    Paolano, Vincent (DNP)  Bowlsby, John (DNP)  McCready, Mike (6th)
1975 11th  Baltezore, Larry (DNP)   Haines, Jim (DNP)   Massery, Mark (4th)  Humphrey, Jim (4th)   Keaser, Lloyd (DNP)   Adams, Carl (5th)   Hicks, Greg (5th)    Hellickson, Russ (4th)  Peterson, Ben (4th) McCready, Mike (5th)
1976 3rd  Rosado, William (DNP)    Haines, Jim (DNP)   Corso, Joe (DNP)  Davis, Gene (3rd)  Keaser, Lloyd (2nd)  Dziedzic, Stan (3rd)  Peterson, John (1st)  Peterson, Ben (2nd)  Hellickson, Russ (2nd)  Jackson, Jimmy (DNP)
1977   3rd No Recorded Competitor Miller, Randal (DNP)  Reinwand, Jack (3rd)  Humphrey, Jim (2nd)   Yagla, Chuck (DNP) Dziedzic, Stan (1st)  Chris Campbell (5th)   Soucie, Laurent (DNP)     McCready, Mike (DNP)  Bowlsby, John (6th)
1978   4th   Rosado, William (DNP)   Haines, Jim (4th)  Lewis, Randy (DNP)   Cysewski, Tim (DNP)  Humphrey, Jim (DNP) Kemp, Lee (1st)  Peterson, John (3rd)   Peterson, Ben (5th)     Bielenberg, Larry (6th)    Wojciechowski, Greg (5th)
1979   3rd  Weaver, Bobby (2nd)  Haines, Jim (2nd)   Corso, Joe (3rd)   Metzger, Andre (3rd)  Yagla, Chuck (DNP)  Kemp, Lee (1st)   Peterson, John (2nd)   Soucie, Laurent (6th)   Hellickson, Russ (2nd)       Klemm, David (DNP)
1980 DNC  Weaver, Bobby (DNC)   Mills, Gene (DNC) Azevedo, John (DNC)  Lewis, Randy (DNC)  Yagla, Chuck (DNC) Kemp, Lee (DNC)  Chris Campbell (DNC)  Peterson, Ben (DNC)    Hellickson, Russ (DNC)  Wojciechowski, Greg (DNC)
1981    3rd Rosado, William (3rd)   Gonzales, Joe (5th)  Corso, Joe (DNP)  Land, Mike (5th)   Rein, Andy (4th)   Kemp, Lee (3rd)  Chris Campbell (1st)    Lewis, Dan (DNP) Gibson, Greg (2nd)    Smith, Harold (5th)
1982   3rd   Vanni, Tim (6th)   Gonzales, Joe (3rd)   Azevedo, John (4th)   Lewis, Randy (4th)   Metzger, Andre (4th) Kemp, Lee (1st)  Schultz, Dave (3rd)   Hull, Mitch (9th) Gibson, Greg (3rd)    Baumgartner, Bruce (7th)
1983   2nd  Weaver, Bobby (5th)   Gonzales, Joe (9th)  Davis, Barry (12th)  Smith, Lee Roy (2nd)   Carr, Nate (8th)  Schultz, Dave (1st)   Schultz, Mark (7th)   Banach, Ed (7th)  Gibson, Greg (2nd)  Baumgartner, Bruce (3rd)
1984 1st Weaver, Bobby (1st)   Gonzales, Joe (DNP) Davis, Barry (2nd) Lewis, Randy (1st)  Rein, Andy (2nd)  Schultz, Dave (1st)  Schultz, Mark (1st) Banach, Ed (1st)  Banach, Lou (1st) Baumgartner, Bruce (1st)
1985   2nd  Vanni, Tim (10th)   Gonzales, Joe (4th) Darkus, Kevin (2nd)   Mills, Gene (DNP)   Metzger, Andre (DNP) Schultz, Dave (2nd) Schultz, Mark (1st) Scherr, Bill (1st)    Severn, Dan (6th)   Baumgartner, Bruce (3rd)
1986   3rd  Vanni, Tim (6th)  Erb, Mike (9th) Davis, Barry (2nd) McFarland, Joe (2nd) Metzger, Andre (2nd)   Schultz, Dave (3rd)   Schultz, Mark (7th) Scherr, Jim (3rd) Scherr, Bill (2nd) Baumgartner, Bruce (1st)
1987   2nd  Vanni, Tim (5th)   Robbins, Greg (12th)  Davis, Barry (2nd) Smith, John (1st) Metzger, Andre (3rd) Schultz, Dave (2nd) Schultz, Mark (1st)  Scherr, Jim (2nd)  Scherr, Bill (3rd) Baumgartner, Bruce (3rd)
1988 2nd   Vanni, Tim (4th)   Chertow, Ken (DNP)  Davis, Barry (DNP) Smith, John (1st)  Carr, Nate (3rd) Monday, Kenny (1st)    Schultz, Mark (6th)  Scherr, Jim (5th)  Scherr, Bill (3rd) Baumgartner, Bruce (2nd)
1989   2nd  Vanni, Tim (5th)   Jones, Zeke (7th) Penrith, Brad (DNP) Smith, John (1st)  Giura, John (7th) Monday, Kenny (1st) Douglas, Melvin (2nd) Scherr, Jim (2nd) Scherr, Bill (2nd) Baumgartner, Bruce (2nd)
1990   4th  Baze, Cory (6th)   Jones, Zeke (4th)  Melchiore, Joe (7th) Smith, John (1st)     Carr, Nate (5th)   Koll, Rob (5th) Alger, Royce (2nd) Chris Campbell (2nd) Trost, Kirk (3rd) Baumgartner, Bruce (2nd)
1991   2nd  Vanni, Tim (11th) Jones, Zeke (1st)  Penrith, Brad (2nd) Smith, John (1st)   Saunders, Townsend (15th)  Monday, Kenny (2nd) Jackson, Kevin (1st)    Chris Campbell (5th) Coleman, Mark (2nd)    Baumgartner, Bruce (7th)
1992 2nd  Vanni, Tim (5th)   Jones, Zeke (2nd)  Cross, Kendall (6th) Smith, John (1st)   Saunders, Townsend (7th) Monday, Kenny (2nd)  Jackson, Kevin (1st)  Chris Campbell (3rd)  Coleman, Mark (7th) Baumgartner, Bruce (1st)
1993   1st   Eiter, Rob (9th) Jones, Zeke (4th) Brands, Terry (1st) Brands, Tom (1st)    Saunders, Townsend (4th) Schultz, Dave (2nd)   Jackson, Kevin (4th) Douglas, Melvin (1st)   Kerr, Mark (7th) Baumgartner, Bruce (1st)
1994  10th  Vanni, Tim (9th)   Jones, Zeke (11th)  Brands, Terry (11th)    Brands, Tom (11th)    Saunders, Townsend (11th)    Schultz, Dave (7th)    Jackson, Kevin (11th)  Douglas, Melvin (3rd)  Kerr, Mark (11th) Baumgartner, Bruce  (2nd)
1995 1st Eiter, Rob (7th)  Jones, Zeke (3rd)  Brands, Terry (1st)    Brands, Tom (9th)     Saunders, Townsend (8th)    Schultz, Dave (5th)  Jackson, Kevin (1st)  Douglas, Melvin (3rd)  Angle, Kurt (1st) Baumgartner, Bruce (1st)
1996 1st Eiter, Rob (8th)  Rosselli, Lou (11th)  Cross, Kendall (1st) Brands, Tom (1st)  Saunders, Townsend (2nd)    Monday, Kenny (6th)    Gutches, Les (7th)   Douglas, Melvin (7th) Angle, Kurt (1st)  Baumgartner, Bruce (3rd)


Year Team Finish 54 kg 58 kg 63 kg 69 kg 76 kg 85 kg 97 kg 130 kg
1997 3rd  Jones, Zeke (11th)   Purler, Tony (10th)  Kolat, Cary (2nd)   McIlravy, Lincoln (12th)   St. John, Dan (16th) Gutches, Les (1st)    Douglas, Melvin (9th)   Erikson, Tom (4th)
1998 3rd  Henson, Sammie (1st)    Purler, Tony (11th)  Kolat, Cary (3rd)   McIlravy, Lincoln (3rd)    Marianetti, Steve (11th)   Gutches, Les (7th)   Douglas, Melvin (5th)   McCoy, Kerry (4th)
1999 2nd  Akin, Eric (16th)    Guerrero, Eric (7th)  Kolat, Cary (4th)  McIlravy, Lincoln (2nd)     Williams, Joe (4th)    Gutches, Les (3rd)   Black, Dominic  (17th)   Neal, Stephen (1st)
2000 2nd Henson, Sammie (2nd) Brands, Terry (3rd) Kolat, Cary (9th) McIlravy, Lincoln (3rd)  Slay, Brandon (1st)   Burton, Charles (5th)    Douglas, Melvin (18th)    McCoy, Kerry (5th)
2001  6th  Abas, Stephen (16th)   Guerrero, Eric (13th)  Zadick, Bill (7th)   Bono, Chris (13th)   Williams, Joe (3rd)  Eggum, Brandon (2nd)  Black, Dominic (13th)    McCoy, Kerry (4th)


Year Team Finish 55 kg   60 kg 66 kg 74 kg 84 kg 96 kg 120 kg
2002 DNC Abas, Stephen (DNC) Guerrero, Eric (DNC) Bono, Chris (DNC) Williams, Joe (DNC)  Sanderson, Cael (DNC) Hartung, Tim (DNC) McCoy, Kerry (DNC)
2003 2nd  Abas, Stephen (5th)   Guerrero, Eric (10th)  Kelly, Jamill (28th)   Williams, Joe (13th)   Sanderson, Cael (2nd)   Cormier, Daniel (5th)  McCoy, Kerry (2nd)
2004 2nd  Abas, Stephen (2nd)     Guerrero, Eric (16th)  Kelly, Jamill (2nd)    Williams, Joe (5th) Sanderson, Cael (1st)     Cormier, Daniel (4th)   McCoy, Kerry (7th)
2005 9th  Henson, Sammie (14th)    Lightner, Michael (22nd)  Bono, Chris (22nd) Williams, Joe (3rd)    Lawal, Mo (7th)   Cormier, Daniel (11th) Thompson, Tolly (3rd)
2006  3rd Henson, Sammie (3rd) Zadick, Mike (2nd) Zadick, Bill (1st) Pritzlaff, Donny (3rd)    Hrovat, Andy (18th)   Cormier, Daniel (21st)    Thompson, Tolly (14th)
2007   4th Cejudo, Henry (31st)   Zadick, Mike (27th)  Schwab, Doug (5th)    Heskett, Joe (5th)     Williams, Joe (5th) Cormier, Daniel (3rd)    Rowlands, Tommy (5th)
2008 9th  Cejudo, Henry (1st)    Zadick, Mike (19th)   Schwab, Doug (14th)      Askren, Ben (7th)    Hrovat, Andy (12th)   Cormier, Daniel (19th)    Mocco, Steve (7th)
2009 7th  Felix, Danny (24th)    Bunch, Shawn (28th)  Paulson, Trent (24th)    Schlatter, Dustin (23rd) Herbert, Jake (2nd)   Varner, Jake (9th) Dlagnev, Tervel (3rd)
2010 22nd  Blanc, Obe (9th)    Zadick, Mike (25th)  Metcalf, Brent (20th)    Paulson, Travis (29th)     Herbert, Jake (25th)   Bergman, J.D. (10th)  Sigman, Les (9th)
2011 3rd  Simmons, Nick (5th)     Humphrey, Reece (9th)  Ware, Teyon (30th)  Burroughs, Jordan (1st)   Sanderson, Cael (5th) Varner, Jake (3rd)  Dlagnev, Tervel (5th)
2012 2nd   Hazewinkel, Sam (17th)   Scott, Coleman (3rd)  Frayer, Jared (17th)  Burroughs, Jordan (1st)  Herbert, Jake (7th)  Varner, Jake (1st) Dlagnev, Tervel (3rd)
2013 5th  Escobedo, Angel (5th)    Humphrey, Reece (8th)  Metcalf, Brent (27th)  Burroughs, Jordan (1st)     Gavin, Keith (14th)   Bergman, J.D. (25th)  Dlagnev, Tervel (5th)


Year Team Finish 57 kg   61 kg 65 kg 70 kg  74 kg 86 kg 97 kg 125 kg
2014 9th  Ramos, Tony (16th)   Kennedy, Jimmy (10th)    Metcalf, Brent (12th)   Marable, Nick (8th) Burroughs, Jordan (3rd)     Ruth, Edward (15th)     Varner, Jake (13th) Dlagnev, Tervel (3rd)
2015 7th  Ramos, Tony (11th)   Humphrey, Reece (12th)    Metcalf, Brent (10th) Green, James (3rd)   Burroughs, Jordan (1st)     Herbert, Jake (33rd)    Snyder, Kyle (1st)  Rey, Zach (23rd)
2016 3rd Dennis, Daniel  (19th) Stieber, Logan (1st)  Molinaro, Frank (5th) Green, James (7th) Burroughs, Jordan  (9th) Cox, J'Den (3rd) Snyder, Kyle (1st) Dlagnev, Tervel (5th)
2017 1st  Gilman, Thomas (2nd) Stieber, Logan  (12th) Retherford, Zain  (11th) Green, James (2nd) Burroughs, Jordan (1st) Cox, J'Den (3rd) Snyder, Kyle (1st) Gwiazdowski, Nick (3rd)


Year Team Finish 57 kg   61 kg 65 kg 70 kg 74 kg 79 kg 86 kg 92 kg 97 kg 125 kg
2018 2nd Gilman, Thomas (5th)  Colon, Joe  (3rd) Stieber, Logan  (19th) Green, James (13th) Burroughs, Jordan (3rd)  Dake, Kyle (1st) Taylor, David (1st) Cox, J'Den (1st) Snyder, Kyle (2nd) Gwiazdowski, Nick (3rd)
2019 4th Fix, Daton (12th)  Graff, Tyler  (5th) Retherford, Zain  (26th) Green, James (13th) Burroughs, Jordan (3rd)  Dake, Kyle (1st) Downey, Pat (9th) Cox, J'Den (1st) Snyder, Kyle (3rc) Gwiazdowski, Nick (17th)
 2020 2nd Gilman, Thomas (3rd) Non-Olympic Weight   Oliver, Jordan  (DNC) Non-Olympic Weight Dake, Kyle (3rd) Non-Olympic Weight  Taylor, David (1st) Non-Olympic Weight Snyder, Kyle (2nd)  Steveson, Gable (1st)
2021 2nd Gilman, Thomas (1st) Fix, Daton (2nd) Diakomihalis, Yianni  (26th) Green, James (13th) Dake, Kyle (1st)  Burroughs, Jordan (1st) Taylor, David (2nd) Cox, J'Den (3rd) Snyder, Kyle (2nd)  Gwiazdowski, Nick (5th)
2022 1st Gilman, Thomas (2nd) Gross, Seth  (5th) Diakomihalis, Yianni  (2nd) Retherford, Zain  (2nd) Dake, Kyle (1st) Burroughs, Jordan (1st) Taylor, David (1st)   Cox, J'Den (2nd) Snyder, Kyle (1st) Zillmer, Hayden (7th)
2023 1st Richards, Zane (20th) Arujau, Vito  (1st) Lee, Nick  (7th) Retherford, Zain  (1st) Dake, Kyle (2nd) Chance Marsteller (14th) Taylor, David (1st)   Valencia, Zahid (3rd) Snyder, Kyle (3rd) Parris, Mason (3rd)

World Cups[edit]

Year Result Matches Won Matches Lost Duals Won Duals Lost
1973 2nd No Data Available
1974 4th No Data Available
1975 3rd No Data Available
1976 3rd No Data Available
1977 2nd No Data Available
1978 2nd No Data Available
1979 2nd No Data Available
1980 1st No Data Available
1981 2nd No Data Available
1982 1st No Data Available
1983 2nd No Data Available
1984 2nd No Data Available
1985 2nd No Data Available
1986 2nd No Data Available
1987 3rd No Data Available
1988 2nd No Data Available
1989 2nd No Data Available
1990 1st No Data Available
1991 2nd No Data Available
1992 3rd No Data Available
1993 1st No Data Available
1994 1st No Data Available
1995 1st No Data Available
1996 Did not compete
1997 1st No Data Available
1998 2nd No Data Available
1999 1st No Data Available
2000 1st No Data Available
2001 1st No Data Available
2002 1st No Data Available
2003 1st No Data Available
2004 Did not compete
2005 3rd No Data Available
2006 Did not compete
2007 4th No Data Available
2008 5th No Data Available
2009 Did not compete
2010 5th No Data Available
2011 Did not compete
2012 3rd No Data Available
2013 3rd No Data Available
2014 3rd 31 9 4 1
2015 2nd 21 11 3 1
2016 4th 23 9 2 2
2017 2nd 20 12 3 1
2018 1st 31 9 4 0
2019 3rd 26 14 3 1
2020 Did not compete
2022 TBD

Team Titles and Results[edit]

The tables shows the team results and titles for World Championships, World Cups, and Olympic Games.

Event Champ­ion Runner​-up Third Top-5 Apps Top-10 Apps
World Championships 4 10 10 31 44
Olympic Games 5 12 2 19 25
World Cups 13 14 9 42 42

Multiple-time gold medalists[edit]

The tables shows American male wrestlers who have won at least two gold medals at the World Championships or Olympic Games. Boldface denotes active wrestlers and highest medal count among all wrestlers (including these who not included in these tables) per type.

Rank Wrestler Weights From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Jordan Burroughs 74 kg / 79 kg 2011 2022 7 - 3 10
2 John Smith 62 kg 1987 1992 6 - - 6
3 Bruce Baumgartner 130 kg 1983 1996 5 4 4 13
4 Kyle Snyder 97 kg 2015 2022 4 3 1 8
5 Kyle Dake 74 kg / 79 kg 2018 2022 4 - 1 5
6 Leroy Kemp 74 kg 1978 1982 3 - 1 4
David Taylor 86 kg 2018 2022 3 1 - 4
8 Kevin Jackson 82 kg 1992 1995 3 - - 3
Mark Schultz 82 kg 1984 1987 3 - - 3
10 Dave Schultz 74 kg / 82 kg 1982 1993 2 3 2 7
11 J'den Cox 86 kg / 92 kg 2016 2022 2 1 3 6
12 Kenny Monday 74 kg 1988 1992 2 2 - 4
13 Wayne Wells 74 kg 1969 1972 2 1 - 3
14 Terry Brands 57 kg / 58 kg 1993 2000 2 - 1 3
15 Kurt Angle 100 kg 1995 1996 2 - - 2
Tom Brands 62 kg 1993 1996 2 - - 2
Dan Gable 68 kg 1971 1972 2 - - 2
George Mehnert 52 kg / 54 kg 1904 1908 2 - - 2


Medalists by weight, 1904–2016[edit]

Category 60 kg and below   61–70 kg 71–87 kg more than 87 kg
Total weight classes contested at international championships 162 140 156 151
Weights in which the United States medaled 45 48 77 56
Weights in which the United States won championships 16 21 34 17
Percentage of possible medals won by the United States 27.7 34.3 49.4 37.1
Percentage of championship titles won by the United States 9.9   15.0 21.8 11.3

Medalists by era[edit]

Category 1904–1936   1948–1968 1969–1996 1997–2010
Total weight classes contested at international championships 45 128 280 103
Weight classes in which the United States medaled 30 26 127 29  
Weight classes in which the United States won championships 20 6 49 7
Percentage of medals won by the United States 66.7   20.3 45.4 28.2
Percentage of championship titles won by the United States 44.4   4.7 17.5 6.8

Average performances by era[edit]

Category 1904–1936   1948–1968 1969–1996 1997–2010
Weight classes contested by United States wrestlers 45 101 269 96
Number of United States wrestlers N/A 66 107 50  
Average number of international championship appearances per wrestler N/A 1.53 2.51 1.92
Medalists' average number of international championship appearances until first medal 1.00   1.40   1.60 1.71
Champions' average number of international championship appearances until first title 1.00 1.00 1.85 1.57
Average number of medals ultimately won by United States medalists 1.02 1.67 2.23 1.38
Average number of championships ultimately won by United States champions 1.05   1.00 1.81 1.00


  1. ^ 61 kg and 70 kg were non-Olympic weights and were therefore wrestled at the 2016 World Wrestling Championships in Budapest, Hungary on December 10–11, 2016.

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