United States theaters of operations in World War II

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During World War II, the United States Army divided its operations around the world into four theaters. Forces from many different Allied nations fought in these theaters. Other Allied countries have different conceptions of the theaters and/or different names for them.

European Theater of Operations[edit]

Operational command SHAEF

Operational command AFHQ

Pacific Theater of Operations[edit]

Operational commands were the Pacific Ocean and South West Pacific.

Pacific Ocean Areas (command) - Chester W. Nimitz[edit]

South West Pacific Areas (command) - Douglas MacArthur[edit]

China Burma India Theater[edit]

The China Burma India Theater served more as an Administrative Command rather than a Theater of Operations and lacked any true Operational Command.

The Operational Command was joint Allied South East Asia Command in the South-East Asian Theater The American General Joseph Stilwell commanded the operational Northern Combat Area Command and used his other positions to communicate directly with Joint Chiefs of Staff about some operational matters.