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United States v. Hubbard

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Grand Jury charges

United States v. Hubbard was a 1978 criminal court case charging Mary Sue Hubbard and several other members of the Church of Scientology with violations of various laws including:

U.S.C. 18 §§ 2 (Aiding and Abetting), 371 (Conspiracy), 641 (Theft of Govt Property), 1503 (Obstruction of Justice), 1623 (False Declarations before a Grand Jury), and 2511(1)(a) (Interception of Oral Communication). Also included was 22 D.C. Code §§ 105, 1801(b) (Burglary, Aiding and Abetting).[1]

All eleven defendants were found guilty and sentenced to both fines and imprisonment. The convictions were upheld on appeal.[2]


List from Grand Jury document.[1]

  • Mary Sue Hubbard
  • Jane Kember
  • Morris Budlong
  • Henning Heldt
  • Duke Snider
  • Gregory Willardson
  • Richard Weigand
  • Mitchell Hermann aka Mike Cooper
  • Cindy Raymond
  • Gerald Bennett Wolfe
  • Sharon Thomas


A series of sentencing orders dated Dec 11 1979 show some of the results of the trial.[3]

Defendant Charge Prison time Fine
Morris Budlong Burglary, Aiding and Abetting 2–6 years
Henning Heldt Conspiracy 4 years $10,000
Mitchell Hermann Conspiracy 4 years $10,000
Jane Kember Burglary, Aiding and Abetting 2–6 years
Cindy Raymond Conspiracy 5 years $10,000
Mary Sue Hubbard Conspiracy 5 years $10,000
Duke Snider Conspiracy 4 years $10,000
Sharon Thomas Theft of Government Property 1 year (6 months served)
5 years probation
Richard Weigand Conspiracy 4 years $10,000
Gregory Willardson Conspiracy 4 years $10,000
Gerald Bennett Wolfe Conspiracy 5 years $10,000

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