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United Theological College, Bangalore

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United Theological College, Bangalore
Motto in English
Even as the Son of man is not come to be ministered unto, but to minister and to give his life a redemption for many.
Established1910; 114 years ago (1910)
AffiliationSenate of Serampore College (University)
Serampore – 712201
West Bengal
DirectorThe Right Reverend P. K. Samuel, CSI
PrincipalThe Rev. Ch. Vasantha Rao, CSI, Dr.theol.(Hamburg)[1]
Academic staff
63, Miller's Road, Benson Town, Bengaluru 560 042
, ,
12°59′45″N 77°35′56″E / 12.99583°N 77.59889°E / 12.99583; 77.59889

United Theological College (UTC) is an Eccumenical Christian seminary founded in 1910[2] situated in the southern city of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka in South India and affiliated to India's first[3] Theological University, the Senate of Serampore College (University) {a University under Section 2 (f) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956[4]}[5]with degree-granting authority validated by a Danish Charter and ratified by the Government of West Bengal.

Currently,[6] the principalship is held by the Old Testament Scholar, The Rev. Ch. Vasantha Rao, CSI, Dr.theol. (Hamburg), an alma mater[7] of this institution and an acknowledged lead in Old Testament studies and Biblical Hebrew language, having been groomed by the Old Testament Scholar, Victor Premasagar, CSI, throughout his Spiritual formation period, beginning with his graduate[8] and post-graduate studies,[9] well into his doctoral studies.[10] Vasantha Rao is also known for his continuing association with the fully ecumenical[11] Society for Biblical Studies in India (SBSI) right from the New millennium to the Golden Jubilee conclave held in 2012, where he was elected President, at the Ecumenical Christian Centre, Whitefield and continues to steer the Society.[12]

Succession of Old Testament Faculty at UTC, Bangalore

Full-time faculty

Visiting Faculty

The College[edit]

Since 1976, it has been granted the status of an autonomous[15] college under the University. The college has welcomed world leaders. Mahatma Gandhi visited it in 1927 and declared, To live the gospel is the most effective way…I can say that the life of service and uttermost simplicity is the best preaching. India Post released a centenary commemorative stamp in honor of the United Theological College (UTC) on 8 July 2011.


UTC's motto comes from Matthew 20:28 in the Vulgate: SICUT FILIUS HOMINIS NON VENIT MINISTRARI SED MINISTRARE ET DARE ANIMAM SUAM REDEMPTIONEM PRO MULTIS which translates as "Even as the Son of man is not come to be ministered unto, but to minister and to give his life a redemption for many".[16] It is sometimes condensed to Not to be Served but to Serve. In the University emblem the motto is in Greek (not in Latin): οὐ... διακονηθῆναι ἀλλὰ διακονῆσαι

Courses offered[edit]

The UTC was granted autonomy in the year 1976 by the Senate of Serampore College (University). The following are the courses offered by the College:[17]

Exchange programs[edit]

The UTC has exchange programs with the Theological Faculty of the University of Basel Switzerland[18] and the Divinity School of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.[19] It has a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Revd Dr O V Jathanna and Prof Kenneth Brown with the University of Edinburgh wherein a post-graduate student can study a semester in Bengaluru.


Bangalore Seminary (1843) From the 'Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle: Vol XXI' (p.193). The London Mission Seminary was established early 19th Century, located at the beginning of Mission Road. This has since been demolished and the land is part of the Mitralaya School Campus
United Theological College on a 2011 stamp of India

Campus life[edit]

The college had been a recipient of prizes from the Mysore Horticultural Society, Bengaluru for well-maintained gardens and lawns. Good environment for study purpose.


The college has a massive library including 200-year-old palm leaf manuscripts. The United States Embassy awarded a grant for preservation of these rare palm leaf manuscripts in 2006.[22]

Present Faculty[edit]

Present Faculty at the United Theological College with subjects taught[23]
Faculty Name Gen
Domicile Highest
Alma Mater University
Discipline: Old Testament
The Rev. D. J. Muthunayagom, CSI M Tamil Nadu D.Th. Missions Academy,
Hamburg (Germany)/
SATHRI, Bangalore
The Rev. K. Jesurathnam, STBC M Andhra Pradesh Ph.D. New College,
Edinburgh (Scotland)
The Rev. J. R. John Samuel Raj, CSI M Kerala Dr. Theol. Missions Academy,
Hamburg (Germany)
Discipline: New Testament
The Rev. J. G. Muthuraj, CSI M Tamil Nadu Ph.D. University of Durham,
Durham (England)
The Rev. J. Jeyakumar, MCI M Tamil Nadu M.Th. UTC, Bangalore Serampore
The Rev. Johnson Thomaskutty M Kerala Ph.D Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (Holland) Nijmegen
The Rev. Dexter S. Maben, CSI M Karnataka Dr. Theol. Theological Seminary Bethel
(Kirchliche Hochschule Bethel)
Bielefeld (Germany)
Discipline: Theology and Ethics
The Rev. R. Sahayadhas, IELC M Tamil Nadu D.Th. UTC, Bangalore Serampore
The Rev. George Zachariah, MMTSC M Kerala Ph. D Lutheran School of Theology,
Chicago (United States)
The Rev. Allan Samuel Palanna, CSI M Karnataka Ph.D University of Kent,
Canterbury (England)
The Rev. Mervin Shinoj Boas, CSI M Kerala Ph. D Lutheran School of Theology,
Chicago (United States)
Discipline: History of Christianity
The Fr. M. O. John, MOSC M Kerala D. D. University of Vienna,
Vienna (Austria)[24]
Discipline: Mission and Ecumenicism
The Sr. Rani Joseph Mary Sruthi, SND F Karnataka Ph.D. Pontifical Urban University,
Rome (Italy)
The Rev. Gudrun Löwner, EKD F Germany Ph.D. Heidelberg University,
Heidelberg (Germany)
Discipline: Christian Ministry
Dr. Nalini ArlesLaity F Karnataka Ph.D. New College,
Edinburgh (Scotland)
Dr. Joseph GeorgeLaity M Kerala Th.D. Candler School of Theology,
Atlanta (United States)
The Rev. Santosh S. Kumar, CSI M Kerala D.Th. Melbourne College of Divinity,
Melbourne (Australia)
Discipline: Women's Studies
Dr. Lalrinawmi RalteLaity F Mizoram D.Min.,
Episcopal Divinity School,
Cambridge (United States)/
SATHRI, Bangalore
Discipline: Communication
The Fr. Jerry Kurian, MJSOC M Kerala M.Th. UTC, Bangalore Serampore
Discipline: English
Ms. Geetha BasappaLaity F Karnataka M.A.

Succession of Administrators[edit]

Academic administrators who have led the seminary have been designated Principal.[25]

Tenure Names of Administrators at UTC, Bangalore Earned academic credentials
(highest degree)
1910–1911 The Rev. James Mathers, LMS,[26] OBE,[27] B. D.[28][29]
1911–1924 The Rev. L. P. Larsen,[29] DMS,[30] M.A.,[28][31]
1924–1930 The Rev. D. S. Herrick, ABCFM M.A.,[32]
1930–1931 The Rev. W. J. T. Small, WMMS M.A. (Cantab.),[33]
1931–1936 The Rev. W. H. Thorp, WMMS B.A. (London),[34]
1936–1937 The Rev. George Parker,[35] |LMS B. D.
1937–1954 The Rev. M. H. Harrison, ABCFM Th.M. (Andover),[13]
1954–1983 The Rev. J. R. Chandran, CSI S.T.M. (Union),
1983–1993 The Rev. E. C. John, CSI Dr. Theol. (Heidelberg),
1993–2000 The Rev. Gnana Robinson, CSI Dr. Theol. (Hamburg),
2000–2008 The Rev. O. V. Jathanna, CSI Dr. Theol. (Basel),[36][37]
2008–2009 The Rev. S. I. Selvanayagam, CSI D. Th. (Serampore),[38]
2009–2017 The Rev. J. R. Samuel Raj, CSI Dr. Theol. (Hamburg)[1]
2017–present The Rev. Ch. Vasantha Rao, CSI[39] Dr. Theol. (Hamburg)[1]

Notable people[edit]

Metropolitan Mar Aprem Mooken specialized in History of Christianity
Father V. C. Samuel a specialist in Christology
Pastor Lynn de Silva who struck parallels between Christianity and Buddhism and devised Lynn de Silva's theology
Notable alumni with course undertaken and years of study
Name Course Years Congre-
Hospet Sumitra B.D. 1910–13 CSI Andhra Pradesh
Premaka Gurushantha B.D. 1912–16 CSI Karnataka
Juhanon Mar Thoma B.D. 1917–22 MMTSC Kerala
Emani Sambayya B.D. 1928–32 CNI Andhra Pradesh
D. T. Niles B.D. 1929–34 CMC Sri Lanka
H. D. L. Abraham B.D. 1934–37 CSI Karnataka
P. Solomon B.D. 1936–40 CSI Telangana
A. E. Inbanathan B.D. 1939–43 CSI Tamil Nadu
C. Arangaden B.D. 1940–44 CSI Kerala
B. G. Prasada Rao B.D. 1941–45 CSI Telangana
M.Th. 1953–56
S. J. Samartha B.D. 1941–45 CSI Karnataka
B. Prabhudass B.D. 1941–45 CSI Telangana
M.Th. 1951–52
J. R. Chandran B.D. 1941–44 CSI Tamil Nadu
M.Th. 1944–45
K. Devasahayam M.Th. 1942–43 AELC Andhra Pradesh
Philipose Mar Chrysostom B.D. 1943–46 MMTSC Kerala
Lynn de Silva B.D. 1943–47 CMC Sri Lanka
Solomon Doraiswamy B.D. 1944–46 CSI Tamil Nadu
Alexander Mar Thoma B.D. 1945–48 MMTSC Kerala
D. J. Ambalavanar B.D. 1945–50 CSI Sri Lanka
B. E. Devaraj Special
1946–47 CNI Andhra Pradesh
Gaddala Solomon B.D. 1949–52 STBC Andhra Pradesh
Refresher course in
Hebrew language
N. D. Ananda Rao Samuel B.D. 1950–53 CSI Andhra Pradesh
V. C. Samuel B.D. 1950–53 MOSC Kerala
Victor Premasagar B.D. 1950–54 CSI Telangana
E. C. John B.D. 1951–54 CSI Kerala
G. B. Devasahayam B.D. 1952–56 CSI Telangana
K. E. Swamidass B.D. 1952–56 CSI Telangana
C. D. Jathanna B.D. 1952–55 CSI Karnataka
Samuel Amirtham B.D. 1953–56 CSI Kerala
Joseph Mar Thoma B.D. 1953–57 MMTSC Kerala
John Philipose B.D. 1955–58 CSI Kerala
K. V. Mathew M.Th. (OT) 1957–58 MMTSC Kerala
Gnana Robinson B.D. 1957–60 CSI Tamil Nadu
M.Th. (OT) 1961–63
D. P. Shettian B.D. 1960–61 CSI Karnataka
R. Yesurathnam B.D. 1963–67 CSI Telangana
M.Th. 1969–72
D.Th. 1978–82
G. T. Abraham B.D. 1962–66 CSI Andhra Pradesh
C. L. Furtado B.D. 1962–64 CSI Karnataka
Arvind P. Nirmal B.D 1962- 65 CNI Maharashtra
Kallarakkal Abraham George M.Th. (OT) 1963–65 MOSC Kerala
Wesley Ariarajah B.D. 1963–66 MCSL Sri Lanka
Mar Aprem Mooken M.Th. 1964–66 ACE Kerala
B. P. Sugandhar B.D. 1964–68 CSI Telangana
Philipose Mar Eusebius B.D. 1964–66 MMTSC Kerala
R. S. Sugirtharajah B.D. 1965–69 MCSL Sri Lanka
M.Th. (NT) 1973–75
S. John Theodore B.D. 1966–70 CSI Telangana
M.Th. (OT) 1972–74
H. S. Wilson B.D. 1967–70 CSI Karnataka
Basil Rebera B.D. 1967–71 Laity Sri Lanka
M.Th. (OT) 1971–73
Elizabeth Paul B.D. 1967–74 CSI Tamil Nadu
Timotheas Hembrom B.D. 1968–70 NELC Jharkhand
M.Th. (OT) 1971–73
D. I. Hans B.D. 1968–71 CSI Karnataka
M.Th. 1977–79
P. J. Lawrence B.D. 1968–71 CSI Andhra Pradesh
J. Paul Rajashekar B.D. 1968–71 IELC Tamil Nadu
J. W. Gladstone B.D. 1969–72 CSI Kerala
M.Th. 1972–74
D. W. Jesudoss M.Th. 1970–71 TELC Tamil Nadu
Sydney Salins B.D. 1970–74 CSI Karnataka
M.Th. (NT) 1980–82
D. Dhanaraj B.D. 1970–74 CSI Tamil Nadu
M.Th. (OT) 1976–78
D. S. Satyaranjan M.Th. (NT) 1971–73 IPC Andhra Pradesh
G. Babu Rao[40] M.Th. (OT) 1971–73[7] CBCNC Andhra Pradesh
Nitoy Achümi M.Th. (OT) 1971–73 NBCC Nagaland
Christopher Asir B.D. 1971–75 CSI Tamil Nadu
John Sadananda B.D. 1972–74 CSI Karnataka
P. Surya Prakash B.D. 1972–76 CSI Telangana
M.Th. (NT) 1980–82
D. N. Premnath B.D. 1973–77 CSI Andhra Pradesh
M. Mani Chacko B.D. 1975–79 CSI Kerala
M.Th. (OT) 1981–83
K. David Udayakumar B.D. 1977–81 SALC Andhra Pradesh
M.Th. (NT) 1982–85
Ravela Joseph M.Th. 1978–80 STBC Andhra Pradesh
G. Devakadasham M.Th. 1979–81 CSI Tamil Nadu
N. Sam Yesudhas M. Th. 1979-81 CSI Tamil Nadu
G. D. V. Prasad M.Th. (OT) 1979–81 CSI Andhra Pradesh
Roger Gaikwad M.Th. 1981 MCI
G. Dyvasirvadam M.Th. 1982–84 CSI Andhra Pradesh
Evangeline Anderson-Rajkumar B.D. 1983–87 ALC Tamil Nadu
D.Th. 1992–97
K. Reuben Mark B.D. 1984–88 CSI Telangana
M.Th. 1992–94
Ch. Victor Moses M.Th. (OT) 1986–88 AELC Andhra Pradesh
Annie Watson B.D. 1987–91 CSI Karnataka
B. D. Prasada Rao M.Th. 1987–89 CSI Andhra Pradesh
H. R. Cabral M.Th. 1988–90 CSI Karnataka
D.Th. 1992–97
Jonadob Nathaniel M.Th. (NT) 1988–90 CSI Tamil Nadu
Daniel Sadananda M.Th. (NT) 1988–90 CSI Karnataka
A. C. Solomon Raj B.D. 1988–92 CSI Telangana
M.Th. 1998-01

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