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United Ukraine (Ukrainian: Єдина Україна) was a political party in Ukraine.


The party was founded in 1998 as Party of Educators of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Партія Освітян України); it was officially registered as a party on 26 October 1998.[1] At the legislative 2002 elections the party was part of the Nataliya Vitrenko Bloc with Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.[1] The alliance won 3.22%[2] of the votes, little short of passing the 4% threshold needed to enter the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament).[3]

In July 2004 Bohdan Hubsky (at the time a People's Deputy of Ukraine[4][nb 1]) was elected party leader and the party was renamed United Ukraine.[5] On 22 September 2004 in the Verkhovna Rada a new faction "United Ukraine" was created by Hubsky on the basis of the faction "Democratic Initiatives - Democracy".[6] It had 17 members.[6] The party supported Viktor Yanukovych during the Ukrainian presidential election of 2004.[5]

26 November 2005 the party dissolved itself and merged into Batkivshchyna.[7][8][5] On 18 October 2013 the party was de-registered at the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.[9]



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