United Uranium

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United Uranium
Industry Mining
Founded 1985
Headquarters Saskatoon, Canada
Key people
Eric Wray[1]
Products Uranium
Website www.uniteduranium.com

United Uranium (formerly known as United Carina Resource) is a Canadian resource company with its head office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The company is focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of natural resources such as uranium, diamond, copper and other precious metals.


Other (precious) metals


Since June 2003 the company (together with sister company Star Uranium) had a dispute with Shore Gold over ownership of 25 groups of mineral claims totaling over 35,000 hectares in the Fort à la Corne area of Saskatchewan. The issue was all about who was first in line at the Department of Mineral Resources of the Government of Saskatchewan to register mineral deposit claims.

On March 1, 2007 a Saskatchewan court ruled in favor of United Uranium but on March 30, 2007 Shore Gold appealed to the court ruling. On July 9, 2008 the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan ruled that United Uranium and Star Uranium were entitled to register mineral claims to 25 blocks of land in the Fort à la Corne area.