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Yota Space 2010 installation by United Visual Artists: Volume installation
Another view of the 2010 Yota Space United Visual Artists Volume installation

United Visual Artists (UVA) is a multidisciplinary art and design group[1] founded in 2003 by Matt Clark,[2][3] Chris Bird and Ash Nehru in the United Kingdom. The group specializes in light installations. Their designs have used 3-D scanners, lasers, moths[2] LED lights, sound, movement, digital technology, shadow, and pendulums.[1][4] Their work includes concert lighting and art installations. They utilize responsive architecture, live performance, and sculpture. Members also give lectures. One of their most recognised interactive light installations is Volume, created in collaboration with Neil Davidge and Robert Del Naja in 2006. It won the D&AD 'Yellow Pencil' Award in 2007. The group won an AZ Award from Azure (design magazine) in 2011.

United Visual Artists was initially formed to do stage design for Massive Attack. The group transitioned into the production of artistic works of various kinds, including permanent installations and gallery exhibitions.

United Visual Artists assisted Del Naja and Damon Albarn with their campaign against the UK Trident programme for nuclear sub renewal aboard the Arctic Sunrise on the Thames.[5] The group has also collaborated with Adam Curtis, London Contemporary Orchestra, Massive Attack and Del Naja on a performance that toured to Manchester International Festival, Ruhrtriennale and Park Avenue Armory in 2013. The group worked with Mira Calix on Chorus, and won an Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica in 2009. The lighting and LED elements for their August 2013 Massive Attack were designed to surround the film being shown and the players. It was designed by Robert from Massive Attack and UVA. The show was to take place as part of the Ruhrtriennale in Germany in late August 2013 and then at the Armory, Park Avenue, New York in October.[6]



  • Matt Clark - Creative Director Clark has designed album covers for Massive Attack, Editors (band) and Royksopp.[2]
  • Chris Bird - Technical Director
  • Ash Nehru - Software Director
  • Annika Stark - Studio Manager
  • Alexandros Tsolakis - Architect
  • Ben Kreukniet - Designer
  • Rosie Mitchell - Project Manager
  • Tiemen Rapati - Interaction Designer
  • Nick Found - Industrial Designer
  • Vincent de Belleval - Creative Technologist
  • Ulla Winkler - Project Manager


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