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United Wrestling Coalition
FoundedMarch 21, 1998
StyleProfessional wrestling
HeadquartersNew Jersey
Founder(s)Dave and Lois Thomas
Owner(s)Dave and Lois Thomas

United Wrestling Coalition (UWC) is an independent wrestling promotion based in New Jersey. Address is 15 Trenton Rd Browns Mills, NJ 08015


The United Wrestling Coalition was formed on March 21, 1998 in Browns Mills, New Jersey, with Derik Starr winning the first match in UWC history, a battle royal, to win the UWC Heavyweight Championship. The UWC was started by Dave and Lois Thomas as a means to bring family-friendly wrestling to the South Jersey area.[1] For the first two years, the UWC ran regular events all over the Burlington County area, with area wrestlers such as Derik Starr, Warhead, Wacky Wayne Woo, Section 8, Orphan, Tommy Force, and Dom Devito, and several indy wrestlers who had made a reputation in the Northeast such as Reckless Youth, Twiggy Ramirez, and Don Montoya. One notable event took place on December 5, 1998, as UWC ran their first Toys for Tots benefit show in Pemberton, New Jersey, which has become a yearly tradition since.[1][2]

From 2001 to 2009, UWC began running fewer events, cutting back to three events per year; a yearly event as part of the Spring Fun Fest event at Burlington County College in Pemberton, New Jersey, a yearly benefit show at New Lisbon Developmental Center in New Lisbon, New Jersey, and their yearly Toys for Tots benefit show at Burlington County College in Pemberton. The yearly Toys for Tots events saw stars such as Steve Corino and Raven make appearances on behalf of the promotion.[1] In addition, several future wrestling stars such as Chris Hero, Jay Lethal, and Robbie E made appearances in UWC during this time period before earning names on the wrestling scene.

Beginning in 2010, UWC once again ran frequent events, with monthly shows at the Browns Mills Fire House in Browns Mills, New Jersey in addition to other charity benefit shows in the Burlington County area.[3][4] UWC saw the return of Reckless Youth to pro wrestling in October, with Youth competing in the main event of the 13th annual Toys for Tots fundraiser event at Burlington County College in December.[1][5] On February 21, 2011, UWC began airing a weekly half-hour wrestling program on YouTube called UWC Championship Wrestling, featuring matches from their monthly UWC events in Browns Mills.[6]

Roster and staff[edit]

Current roster[edit]

  • Andd Bivians
  • Bobby Piper
  • "Brilliant" Bobby Banks
  • Charlie Bonifer
  • Corey Dillinger
  • Craig Francis
  • Craig Z-List
  • Definitely Donnie
  • Delmonico the Destroyer
  • Dominic Traux
  • Geoffrey Bravo
  • Iron Bull Argus
  • Jay Curcio
  • Jay "The Key" Evans
  • Jimmy Controversy
  • Jimmy Pipes
  • JJ Cruz
  • Joe Wolf
  • Kleetus
  • Lance Scaper
  • "Lost Boy" Jay Kirby
  • Manabo
  • Mister Spectrum
  • Mr. Black
  • Nate Mustang a.k.a. Ulfrick Strongclaw
  • Oliver Bailey
  • Slayer
  • "Textbook" Philly Madison
  • "TGIF" Fredo Majors
  • The Great Cerenzio
  • Tommy Salami
  • Tony Emerald
  • Tony Chini
  • Warhead



Current champions[edit]

Championship Current Champion(s) Previous Date Won Days Location Notes
UWC Heavyweight Championship "American Muscle" Nate Mustang Fredo Majors September 1, 2018 228 Wrightstown, NJ
UWC Tag Team Championship Age of Aggression Kentucky Bluegrass March 2, 2019 46 Wrightstown, NJ
UWC United States Championship Lost Boy Kirby Jay Curcio April 13, 2019 4 Wrightstown, NJ

Retired and inactive championships[edit]

Championship Last Champion(s) Previous Date Won Location Notes
UWC Television Championship Mighty Mo Ryan Haston May 18, 2013 Browns Mills, NJ Unified with the UWC United States Championship and retired.
UWC BCC Toys for Tots Championship Big Rig Silly Billy December 3, 2011 Pemberton, NJ Yearly title discontinued when UWC no longer runs BCC Toys for Tots Rumble.
UWC North American Championship Orphan Joe Rules September 2, 2000 Jackson, NJ Vacated so Orphan could focus on the UWC Heavyweight Championship
UWC Ironman Championship Tommy Force Don Montoya May 2, 1999 Pemberton, NJ Unified with UWC Heavyweight Championship


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