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UnitingCare Australia is the Uniting Church in Australia's (UCA) umbrella community services body. UnitingCare Australia is committed to values based advocacy, speaking with and on behalf of those who are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, for the common good.

It is a sister body to UnitingJustice Australia whose mandate is to pursue social justice and ecological justice and peace. Both bodies are agencies of the Uniting Church in Australia, National Assembly.


UnitingCare is also a brand name under which many UCA community services agencies operate although they may be agencies of the respective Synods or separate legal entities.

Together, the agencies form one of Australia’s largest non-government community services provider networks, with 400 community service agencies. It provides services to 1.8 million Australians each year.[when?] UnitingCare agencies employ 35,000 staff and 24,000 volunteers nationally and provides services to children, young people and families, people with disabilities, and older Australians, in urban, rural and remote communities, including residential and community care, child care, homelessness prevention and support, family support, domestic violence and disability services.

The Uniting Missions Network include 34 missions (such as the Wesley Missions and Blue Care in Queensland).


UnitingCare Australia's mandate is to:

  • "To take up community service issues within the theological framework of the Uniting Church, particularly the Church’s social justice perspectives.
  • To develop and reflect on the policies and practices of the Uniting Church in community services.
  • To pursue appropriate issues within the Uniting Church, with Government and the community sector, with the Australian community and with other parts of the church."

(UnitingCare Australia's role is defined by its Mandate, March 2005)

National Director[edit]

The National Director is Lin Hatfield Dodds, who between 2005 and 2009 was President of the Australian Council of Social Service.

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