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Uniting Humanity is an educational charity working with people to promote active global citizenship in England across the world.


Funded by the Grundtvig programme[1] (part of the EU's Socrates) and led by TitusAlexander

Learning Advocacy in World Citizenship

The Uniting Humanity project helps adult educators to teach about global issues and achieving effective world citizenship at a local level throughout Europe.

The Project is funded by the European Commission

Main aim[edit]

To teach unemployed people, trade unionists, refugees, ethnic minority communities, people in economically depressed areas, women's organisations and members of NGOs engaged in global issues.

The main activity is a one-year training and development programme with three residential workshops, accompanied by outreach, needs analysis, research, materials development and workshops for adult educators working with different target groups.


A team of 20-30 trainers, who run workshops for 150-300 adult educators in at least ten European countries have reached 2,000-3,000 learners.

The intended output have been the increased knowledge, skills and networks for learning global issues and citizenship among adult educators as well as increased provision at a local level. Other outputs include handbooks for training trainers, tutor training and study circles/workshops on global issues.

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