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For Unity Tower in Missouri see Unity Village, Missouri

Unity Tower
Unity Tower, 31 stycznia 2017.jpg
Unity Tower under construction, January 2017
Unity Tower
Location of Unity Tower in Poland
EtymologySzkieletor, which means Skeletor
General information
TypeHeadquarters of the Main Technical Organization
Town or cityKraków Kraków
Country Poland
Coordinates50°04′05″N 19°57′28″E / 50.06806°N 19.95778°E / 50.06806; 19.95778Coordinates: 50°04′05″N 19°57′28″E / 50.06806°N 19.95778°E / 50.06806; 19.95778
Construction started30 March 2016[1]
Estimated completionJune 2019[2]
Roof102.5 m (336 ft)
Technical details
Floor count27

Unity Tower (best known to the public as Szkieletor, which means Skeletor) is a 102.5 metre high-rise building under construction located in Kraków, Poland. Originally, it was intended to become the regional office of the Main Technical Organization (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna, NOT) and be named the NOT Tower. The construction of the building was started in 1975, but stopped permanently in 1981 because of economic constraints and political unrest associated with the imposition of martial law in Poland in that year. Unity Tower is located near the Mogilskie Roundabout (Rondo Mogilskie) and Cracow University of Economics. It is the second tallest building in Kraków after K1 and excluding antennas. The building is still under construction.


Due to the unfinished building's resemblance to a skeleton, it was nicknamed after Skeletor, the arch-villain in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which was popular in Poland at the time construction began.

Legal status[edit]

Investors have expressed interest in renovating the building, but they have been discouraged by the complicated legal status of the land on which it stands and the high cost of its demolition or adaptation. The building is partially owned by TreiMorfa Project. The long debate about its possible future use based on brand new plans was cut short by the courts in December 2011 because of legal improprieties by its new design team.[3]



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