Unity of Aran

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Unity of Aran
President Francés Xavier Boya Alòs
Founded February 2, 1980
Ideology Social democracy,
Aranese autonomy
Political position Centre-left
Politics of Spain
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Unity of Aran (Aranese: Unitat d'Aran, also Unitat d'Aran - Partit Nacionalista Aranés) is a political party in Val d'Aran, Spain. Practically the Aranese section of PSC, it is the ruling party of the comarca.

Unity of Aran has its roots in Aranese nationalist Es Terçons ("The Thirds", referring to Aranese traditional administrative subdivisions) founded in 1978 to safeguard a special status for the comarca in the 1979 Statute of Autonomy and the nascent UA has opposed the aspirations of Catalan nationalism and acted jointly with affiliated Aranese Nationalist Party (Partit Nacionalista Aranés) that struggles for a separate autonomous community status. The party is chaired by Francés Xavier Boya Alòs from Les and gained 46.13% of the votes at the General Council elections in 2007.[1]


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