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Univa Corporation
Industry Cloud computing, Distributed computing, Grid computing, Computer software
Founded Lisle, Illinois (2004)
Headquarters Chicago - Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Products Univa Grid Engine, UniCloud,[1] Grid MP, UniSight, Univa License Orchestrator
Website www.univa.com

Univa is a privately held software company that sells data center optimization software products.


Within its portfolio Univa develops, sells and supports Univa Grid Engine software, Univa's version of the popular workload and distributed resource management technology Grid Engine. Univa had announced in Jan 2011 that it has hired the key personnel formerly working for Oracle and Sun Microsystems on Grid Engine development.[2]

On Oct 22, 2013 Univa also has announced that it has acquired the intellectual property as well the copyrights and trademaks pertaining to the Grid Engine technology from Oracle and that it will take over supporting Oracle Grid Engine customers.[3]

Univa provides add-on products, solutions and technologies to Univa Grid Engine, such as

  • UniCloud[4] — Dynamically optimizes resource utilization by ensuring applications are matched to the optimal data center resources. A feature of UniCloud extends internal computing environments (e.g. a Univa Grid Engine cluster) into an external (or "public") cloud service such as Amazon EC2.
  • Univa License Orchestrator[5] — Enables applications to attain policy based and well managed access to software license keys and tokens when running in one or multiple Univa Grid Engine clusters.
  • Univa Grid Engine for Hadoop[6] — Integrates the popular Big Data technology Hadoop into Univa Grid Engine and thereby allows multi-tenant Hadoop applications to run concurrently without conflict and under policy and accounting control as well sharing the cluster resource across Hadoop and non-Hadoop workloads.
  • UniSight[7] — Provides accounting, reporting and data analytics on top of the Univa Grid Engine and Grid MP (see below) accounting data.
  • One Click HPC[8] — A cloud computing service providing fast, pay-as-you-go access to computing resources hosted on public clouds and managed via UniCloud and Univa Grid Engine.

Furthermore Univa offers Grid MP,[9] a product for building distributed computing environments from non-dedicated resources to deliver increased computing power (so called cycle stealing).

Consulting services[edit]

Univa offers consulting services for installation, tuning and configuration of its products.


Univa was founded in 2004 under the name Univa Corporation by Carl Kesselman, Ian Foster, and Steve Tuecke and was at that time primarily known for providing open source products and technical support based around the Globus Toolkit.

On September 17, 2007, the company announced that it would merge with the Austin, Texas-based United Devices and operate under the new name Univa UD.[10]

The company operated as Univa UD until formally dropping "UD" and returning to common use of Univa Corporation. Under the leadership of its current CEO Gary Tyreman[11] Univa announced, January 17, 2011, that it had hired the principal and founding engineers of the Grid Engine team.[12]

On Oct 22, 2013 Univa has announced that it had acquired the intellectual property as well the copyrights and trademaks pertaining to the Grid Engine technology from Oracle and that it will take over supporting Oracle Grid Engine customers.[13]

A new technical partnership with Force India, providing automation data management software for large scale computational projects.

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