Univair Aircraft Corporation

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Univair Aircraft Corporation
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1946
Founder J.E. “Eddie” Dyer
Headquarters Aurora, Colorado, United States of America
Products Aircraft parts and services
Number of employees
peak of 120
Website http://www.univair.com

Univair Aircraft Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer holding the type certificate for the Stinson 108 series, and Ercoupe series aircraft, including the Forney, Alon and the Mooney M10 Cadet. The company holds PMAs for Aeronca Champion, Bellanca Citabria, Bellanca Decathlon, Aeronca Scout, Cessna, Luscombe, Piper and Taylorcraft.

Univair was founded in 1945 by J.E. “Eddie” Dyer and Don Vest as Vest Aircraft Company. The company initially performed flight instruction, parts and repair.[1] In 1963, Vest was closed following the death of its founder, and was reestablished by his wife in 1966 as Univair.[2]

Univair has specialized in manufacturing FAA approved new parts for vintage aircraft such as the Piper Cub.[3]


Summary of aircraft type certificates owned by Univair Aircraft Corporation
Model name First flight Number built Type
Stinson 108 1946  ?  ?
Ercoupe 1940 Over 6000  ?


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