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UniverSud Paris
UniverSud Paris
Type Public
Established 2007[1] - 1765[2]
President Xavier Chapuisat[3]
Students 60,000
Location Île-de-France, France
Nickname UniverSud Paris
Website http://www.universud-paris.fr

UniverSud Paris is one of the PRES[4] in France. It gathers 21 public universities, Grandes Écoles and National Research Center, covering nearly the whole spectrum of sciences (fundamental, engineering, business).


In 1991, the French government decided to create "French Poles of Research and Higher Education".[4]

In 2007, its status changed to a public establishment for scientific cooperation (établissement public de coopération scientifique). It is headed by a president, assisted by an executive bureau and a secretary general, and administrated by a board of directors, assisted by a strategic orientation council and a scientific council. The board of directors gathers one representative of each college or institute as well as researchers, faculty members, and one representative of the students.

Colleges and institutes[edit]

The members of UniverSud Paris are well-established, publicly owned educational and research institutions, many of which were founded back in the 18th century. Some deliver a high-level, broad education in science, such as École Polytechnique, École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay or École Centrale Paris, whereas others provide a deeper, research-focused level of expertise in select scientific disciplines, such as École Supérieure d'Électricité, Institute of Research for Development, Telecom & Management SudParis, École nationale vétérinaire d'Alfort, the French National Sequencing Center or the French particle accelerator. The highly ranked French business school HEC Paris is also a member of the UniverSud Paris.

The member colleges and institutes are:

Facts and figures[edit]

  • 3 Nobel Prizes
  • 4 Fields Medals
  • 1 Galien Prize
  • 60,000 students
  • 4,200 full-time faculty teachers and researchers
  • 4,000 PhD students in 30 doctoral schools
  • 42,000m² space devoted to research


It brings together 21 institutions of higher education and research in the southern part of the Île-de-France (Paris) Region. It was founded by the universities of Paris-Sud 11 University, of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University and of University of Évry Val d'Essonne, as well as Ecole Centrale Paris, Supelec and École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay.


UniverSud Paris offers a complete range of courses, independently or in partnership with other institutions (in particular doctoral and Master's degrees), in the core disciplines of science and technology at postgraduate level. Its main programmes are:

  • UniverSud Paris offers a complete range of courses, independently or in partnership with other institutions (in particular Bashelor's degrees, Master's degrees and doctorates), in the core disciplines of science and technology at postgraduate level. Its main programmes are:
  • the Bachelor degrees. For the licence porfessionnelle, there is a selection process based on an examination for holders of a two-year higher education diploma (of 120 ECTS credits).
  • Master degrees programmes, courses designed to provide an in-depth understanding in various fields of science ranging from Mathematics to Economics. Admission to UniverSud Paris MSc programmes is open to students holding a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) from a French or international university. Each college or institute has its own specific admissions requirements.
  • Mastères spécialisés (Post-master professional certificates) enable students which have already completed a Master's degree to develop their knowledge in a speciality to a high standard.
  • A full-time MBA (Master of Business Administration) ranked No. 6 in the world for the international mobility of its students.[5]
  • Doctoral programmes (PhD): UniverSud Paris laboratories play host to 4,000 doctoral students. Thesis enrolment is handled by the UniverSud Paris institute or college to which the host laboratory is attached.
  • UniverSud Paris also offer continuing education courses aimed at professionals, accessible with a Bachelor or university degree, with courses to the degrees of Ingénieur, Master, Specialized Master or Doctorate.


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