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Universal Avionics Systems Corporation
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1981[2]
Founder Hubert L. Naimer[2][3]
Headquarters Tucson, Arizona, U.S.
Key people
Joachim (Ted) L. Naimer (President and CEO)[1]
Products Flight Management Systems, Avionics
Number of employees
570 (2007)[1]
Website uasc.com

Universal Avionics Systems Corporation is an international company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. It primarily focuses on Flight Management Systems (FMS) and cockpit instrument displays for private, business, and commercial aircraft. Universal Avionics has offices in Arizona, Kansas, Washington, Georgia, and Switzerland


Universal Avionics was founded in 1981 by Hubert L. Naimer. Their first FMS was introduced in 1982.[2][5] In 1999, Universal Avionics started their Instrument Division with the purchase of a line of flat panel integrated displays from Avionic Displays Corporation of Norcross, Georgia. On September 12, 2004, Hubert L. Naimer died and his son Joachim L. Naimer assumed the position of President and CEO.[3] On September 25, 2007, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave TSO approval to Universal's WAAS/SBAS enabled Flight Management Systems.[6][7] It was the first FMS to be certified for WAAS LPV.[8]


Flight Management Systems[edit]

Universal has been offering the UNS-1 line of Flight Management Systems since 1982.[5]

Synthetic Vision[edit]

Universal offers the Vision-1 Synthetic Vision (SVS) System. The Vision-1 was the first SVS product certified for Part 25 aircraft.[9]

Terrain Awareness and Warning System[edit]

Universal offers the TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System with a 3D perspective mode.

Flat Panel Integrated Displays[edit]

Universal offers Flat Panel Integrated Displays.

Communications Management Units[edit]

Universal offers the 1 MCU UniLink CMU (Communication Management Unit) with or without a built-in VDR (VHF Data Radio). The UniLink CMU is capable of operating in 25 kHz and 8.333 kHz channel spacing environments and operating as part of the ACARS data network.


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