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Universal Electric Vehicle Corporation (U.E.V.) is a manufacturer of electric cars and alternative fuel vehicles founded in 1998 by Greg Lane and headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, United States.


U.E.V. currently manufactures a series under proprietary technology[1] called the Electrum which consists of two vehicles.

Both vehicles use a polyester fiberglass composite body panels and steel chassis


In 1998, founder Greg Lane and an undisclosed number of other interested people established U.E.V. The company states they produce an "aesthetic design and the ease of use for the physically challenged."[2] U.E.V. currently has two mechanical patents and three design patents are in preparation for submital. In February 2008, the name "Universal Electric Vehicle" was dropped in favor of "Electrum". This will be reflected in an update on their website that should occur by the summer of 2008.


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