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Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida features a line for Universal Express Pass

Universal Express Pass is a priority status boarding system used at various Universal Destinations & Experiences: Universal Orlando (which encompasses Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure), Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Singapore, and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Express Pass – commonly referred to as Universal Express on park signage, and as Express Pass by team members and guests[1] – admits users to a separate line for the attraction, which is given priority status when boarding. Universal Express Pass is not a virtual queuing service, where users receive a specific time to return to the priority line. Instead, guests who have purchased (or otherwise received) the pass may enter the "Universal Express" line for a considerably shortened queueing time. Depending on the park and the pass options chosen, the pass may be valid any time during the day, or during a specific timeslot for each ride, may be valid for some or all rides, and may give one use or unlimited use of the included rides.

Universal's Express Pass is not included in park admission. There are a limited number of passes available each day and they are often sold out in advance. The cost of the pass varies based on what parks are selected and even what day is selected, with higher prices charged on peak operating days during the year.[1]

Guests at three of Universal Orlando's on-site resorts — the Hard Rock Hotel, the Royal Pacific Resort, and the Portofino Bay Hotel — get complimentary unlimited use of the faster lines during their stay. Guests who hold Universal Orlando's Premier Annual Pass can use it once per day on every participating ride after 4 pm.[2]

Universal Studios Hollywood[edit]

Main Entrance Plaza
Upper Lot
Gru's Neighborhood
Super Silly Fun Land
  • Silly Swirly
Springfield, U.S.A.
Studio Tour
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Lower Lot

Universal Orlando Resort[edit]


Universal Studios Florida[edit]

Universal Islands of Adventure[edit]

Two attractions do not currently accept Express Pass:

Universal Studios Japan[edit]


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