Universal Sport Exhibition (1949)

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EXPO Stockholm 1949
BIE-class Specialized exposition
Name Universal Sport Exhibition
Countries 37
Country Sweden
City Stockholm
Opening July 27, 1949 (1949-07-27)
Closure August 13, 1949 (1949-08-13)
Specialized expositions
Previous Urbanisme 47 in Paris
Next International Exhibition of Textile in Lille
Universal Expositions
Previous 1939 New York World's Fair in New York
Next Expo 58 in Brussels
Universal Exposition internationale du bicentenaire de Port-au-Prince
Specialized Habitation Rurale in Lyon

The Universal Sport Exhibition was a world's fair held in Stockholm, Sweden between July 27 and August 13 in 1949[citation needed]. It was a special exhibition centered on the sports in the world. 37 countries participated in the exhibition.

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