Universel Murad Hassil

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Universel Murad Hassil in Katwijk

The Universel Murad Hassil is one of the three international Universal Sufi Temples and is located in Katwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands.

In 1969, a temple designed by the Dutch architect S.J. of Embden was built on the place where in 1922, during the summer school, Inayat Khan reported having a 'spiritual experience' and proclaimed the place holy.

Every year, the 'Sufi summer school' takes place in this temple, and many Universal Sufis from around the world visit the temple each summer.

The Universal Worship Service, brotherhood days and other meetings take place in the temple as well as several traditional music concerts.

The building is a simple square in basis and the cupola is gold. The cupola has a typically oriental form.

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Coordinates: 52°11′37″N 4°23′19″E / 52.1936°N 4.3886°E / 52.1936; 4.3886