Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez

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Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Motto Por una vida científica, por una ciencia vital
Motto in English
For a scientific life, for a vital science
Established 1973
President Lic. Ricardo Duarte Jaquez
Academic staff
Students 21,308[1]
Undergraduates 20,319[1]
Postgraduates 989[1]
Location Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
Campus IADA / IIT: 9 hectares
ICB: 7.5 hectares
ICSA: 24 hectares
CU: 300 hectares
Colors      Blue
Athletics 31 Varsity Teams
Nickname Indios
Website www.uacj.mx
Logo UACJ.png

The Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juarez (UACJ), was founded on October 1973 and it is the institution and Alma Mater of the Mexican border city Juárez. Its main purpose is to create, preserve and communicate the knowledge; embody, inculcate and promote the values which acknowledge the identity and cultural diversity of Mexico. The harmonious coexistence between men and women; freedom of speech and ideas; the adoption of healthier sustainable habits; civic, solidarized, and informed participation; in order to create internationally competitive professionals, with quality educational programs, regional relevant scientific research, infrastructure that facilitates access to knowledge, self-directed learning, ongoing cultural programs and a certified, sustainable, socially responsible, harassment free, non-violent and discriminatory practices free organization.[2]


The UACJ was founded in 1973 by the integration of three universities, the Universidad Femenina, the Universidad mixta, the Universidad Ciudad Juárez A.C., and the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez. In the beginning, the Universidad femenina which was founded in 1968 with the enrollment of females only. The sub-professional careers offered in this institution were: social work, decoration, bilingual medical secretary, and Technical Assistant in Advertising. Later in the Universidad de Ciudad Juárez the professional careers of law, architecture and medicine were offered too. On January 29, 1973 the then president of Mexico, Luis Echeverría Álvarez laid the foundation stone of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. While doing this the president said: “We are laying here the foundation stone, so the national planning department can determine the sites and lands where the University must be built. In hopes of seeing a fully operational university in a few months”. President Echeverria promised to return before the end of the year to inaugurate the university, “Today I go back to Mexico city and I will arrange a reproduction of the car in which the president arrived to El Paso del Norte, it will be made at the same time, so it can be ready to be placed at the entrance door of the University, as a symbol of Mexico’s Independence”. He said.Nowadays, UACJ is formed by four institutes and three multidisciplinary divisions within the Chihuahua state.[3]


Elements of the emblem

The book: In the University’s emblem the book represents the knowledge, the study and the science.

The snail: represents the three institutes composing the university. The social sciences and administration institute, biomedical sciences institute, and engineering and architecture institute.

The flower or Xochitl: stands for the presence of each one of the three universities that conformed the current UACJ.

The university’s motto can be read inside the book “Por una vida científica, por una ciencia vital". Which means “For a scientific life, for a vital science”.

The graphic style of the ideogram is given by the pictorial and educational tradition of the ancient Mexicans.

The glyph: In náhuatl called the Cuicatl. Which means singing, prayer or word. Represents the University’s voice projected towards people.

The Calmecar. Represents the house of wisdom.[4]


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