Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México

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Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México
Cuautepec library
Motto Nada humano me es ajeno
Type Public university
Established 26 April 2001
Students 15,000
Location Mexico City,  Mexico
19°23′9″N 99°9′39″W / 19.38583°N 99.16083°W / 19.38583; -99.16083Coordinates: 19°23′9″N 99°9′39″W / 19.38583°N 99.16083°W / 19.38583; -99.16083
Campus Urban
Website www.uacm.edu.mx

The Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México (UACM) (Autonomous University of Mexico City) is a public university from México City founded in 2001. Before, the Federal District was the only federal entity without a state university.


The UACM was established on April 26 of 2001 by Andrés Manuel López Obrador as Universidad de la Ciudad de México. The first venue was Casa Libertad, the formerly Santa Marta Acatitla women's prison and later a youth center.[1] On December 16 of 2004 was declared autonomous.[2]

In July 2005 the house of the artist Víctor Sergi is donated after his death and is converted in the Centro Vlady[3]


The rectory is in Benito Juárez delegation.

Academic Venues[edit]

There are 5 academic venues, one is for postgraduates studies.

Venue Delegation Function
Casa Libertad Iztapalapa Undergraduate
Centro Histórico Cuauhtemoc Undergraduate
Cuautepec Gustavo A. Madero Undergraduate
Del Valle Benito Juárez Undergraduate & Graduate
San Lorenzo Tezonco Iztapalapa Undergraduate

Cultural Centers[edit]

The UACM has two cultural centers Casa Talavera in Cuauhtemoc delegation and the Centro Vlady in Benito Juárez.


The UACM offers 11 bachelor's degrees, and 10 postgraduates programms (8 master degrees and 2 doctoral degrees).


  • Arts and cultural patrimony
  • Literature creation


  • Genomic sciences
  • Environmental sciences and climate change

Social Sciences[edit]

  • Politic sciences and urban administration
  • Social sciences
  • Communications and culture
  • Philosophy and history of ideas
  • History and contemporary society
  • Law


  • Urban transport system engineering
  • Industrial electronic system engineering
  • Electronic and telecommunication system engineering
  • Energy Systems Engineering


  • Nutrition and health
  • Civil protection
  • Health promotion


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