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Universidad Del Pacífico - Ecuador
Pyramid and Earth Seal
Former names
Escuela de Negocios del Pacífico (ESNEPA)
MottoFormando Empresarios con Visión Internacional (in Spanish)
Motto in English
Forming Entrepreneurs with an International Vision
TypePrivate Non Profit University
ChancellorSonia Roca
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Location, ,
Campusmultiple urban campuses
ProvincesAzuay Guayas Pichincha
ColorsBurgundy and Navy          
Websitewww.upacifico.edu.ec (in Spanish)

The Universidad Del Pacífico – Ecuador : Escuela de Negocios (UPACIFICO) is an Ecuadorian non-profit private university.

It focuses on its students ability to undertake business, to turn initiatives into economic realities, to organize activities, to assure development and stability of business, to locate resources and employ effective methods of production, development of risk-management capabilities and a working knowledge of the economic and political environment are some of the areas of instruction offered to students.

Mission statement[edit]

"To contribute to the economic and social development of the country by preparing men and women in business to enter an ever-changing world where they will use their skills to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas within an ethical context, led by mentors committed to academic excellence in order to develop coming generations as agents of change and as shapers of sustainable development."[3]


In 1992, the idea of creating an institution to rescue the business culture in Ecuador, to form professional business leaders which strengthen this sector, was the inspiration for founding an academic institution. In June 1994, after a long preparation, research and curriculum development, Universidad Del Pacífico and the Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Cultura Empresarial started to work.

In 1997, after the favorable acceptance of the National Council of Universities and Polytechnic Schools (CONUEP), today the National Council of Superior Education (CONESUP),[4] the Ecuadorian National Congress passed Law # 43,[5] creating Universidad Del Pacífico – Escuela de Negocios, a non-profit private institution, specialized in developing entrepreneurs and professionals, with an international model of higher education and authorized to grant degrees at an undergraduate, and postgraduate level including continuous education, Masters and PhD levels.

Years of experience, the academic commitment of the founding business professionals of the university and its faculty resulted in the national and international recognition of the institution.

The university has three campuses at strategic development areas of the country – Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca – with the purpose of reaching a national synergy and a contribution to the country's integration.


Guayaquil 2°10′57″S 79°56′53″W / 2.18250°S 79.94806°W / -2.18250; -79.94806 (UPACIFICO Guayaquil campus)

Quito 0°9′0″S 78°29′55″W / 0.15000°S 78.49861°W / -0.15000; -78.49861 (UPACIFICO Quito undergraduate campus)

Programs of study[edit]

Undergraduate program[edit]

College of Business and Economy[edit]

Commercial Engineer (BSBA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)
Major and minor in:

Business Economist (BScE Bachelor of Science in Economics)
Major and minor in:

  • International Trade
  • Agribusiness Economics
  • Small and Medium Size Industry

College of Science, Technology and Environmental Administration[edit]

Engineer In Technology Management
Major in :

College of Law - Ramiro Borja y Borja[edit]

Attorney at Law
Major and minor in:

  • Private Law
  • International Trade Law

Political and International Science (BA Bachelor of Arts) Major and minor in:

  • Politics and Government
  • Environmental Policy
  • Local Development
  • International Relations
  • Public Administration

College of Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts[edit]

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Major:

College of the Sea[edit]

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

  • Port Administration and Development[6]
  • Foreign Trade and Maritime Transport

School of Applied Languages[edit]

English Department
Spanish Department
European Languages Department
Asian Languages Department

Graduate Program[edit]

Master in Business Administration (MBA)[edit]

  • Finance
  • Strategic Marketing
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Development

International Double Degree Programs • MBA / MA International Business o ESC - Rennes (France)
• MBA / MA International Business o Sup de Co Montpellier (France)
• MBA/ MA International Business o Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
• MBA International Management o HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany)

Master in Corporate Law (LLM)[edit]

Master in Tourism Enterprise Management[edit]

Master in Project Management[edit]

Master in Agricultural Economics[edit]

Certificate of Advanced Studies[edit]

  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Development
  • Stock Market Administration
  • Customs Management
  • Insurance Management

International Programs[edit]

As of June 2009, the university had various international connections with different programs including:


Aoyama Gakuin
Keio University
Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

National Chengchi University


EM Lyon
ESC Rennes[7]
Sup de Co Montpellier[8]
ISC Paris
ESC Toulouse

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Hochschule Pforzheim
University of Bamberg
University of Mannheim

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Foro Europeo - Escuela de Negocios de Navarra
BES La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull
Nebrija Universidad
Universidad de Cádiz
Universidad de Salamanca

European University

North America[edit]

Barry University
Cal State Fullerton
East Carolina University
Florida International University
New Mexico State University
San Diego State University
Tarleton State University
Texas International Education Consortium
Walt Disney World International Program
The Washington Center

South America[edit]

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Universidad Del Pacífico (Chile)[9]

Universidad Del Rosario
Universidad EAN


Doctorates[10] Honoris Causa[edit]


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Notable alumni[edit]

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