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Coordinates: 10°29′58″N 66°47′05″W / 10.49944°N 66.78472°W / 10.49944; -66.78472

Metropolitan University
Universidad Metropolitana
Universidad Metropolitana logo.jpg
Logo of Universidad Metropolitana
MottoEnseñando el Camino
Motto in English
Teaching the Way
RectorBenjamín Scharifker (after September 1, 2011)
Students5,000 (approx.)
CampusUrban, 247 acres (1.00 km2)

The Metropolitan University (Spanish: Universidad Metropolitana) was founded in 1970 by a group of entrepreneurs led by Eugenio Mendoza Goiticoa in the terrains donated by the businessman Pius Schlageter, father of the Venezuelan painter Eduardo Schlageter.


The university started as a nonprofit organization in 1964 whose objective was to develop the curricula for what would become the "Universidad Metropolitana". On 1 October 1970, the "Consejo Nacional de Universidades" approved the plans and projects of the fledgling university.

The first campus was located on the old building of the "Colegio America" in the district of San Bernardino, and began classes on 22 October of that same year.

The first class of 198 students could choose between 5 undergraduate degrees:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Chemical engineering
  4. Mathematics
  5. Business and Administration

In 1976 the campus was moved to its current location on the eastern city district of "Terrazas del Ávila."

Current campus[edit]

Today, the University has 5,000 students and approximately 500 professors. It is a business oriented private University, Business Administration being one of the most important courses offered.

The academic under-graduate courses include: Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Law, Education, Modern Languages, Engineering (Chemical, Mechanic, Systems, Electrical, Civil & Production), Psychology and in 2003, it became the first University in Venezuela to offer the Liberal Studies course.


It offers the following undergraduate programs (B.Sc.):

It offers post graduate studies as well.

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