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The Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (UFRPE; English: Federal Rural University of Pernambuco) is an high education institution in Brazil, specializing in courses in agricultural sciences and other courses that "compete or will compete for the development of rural areas." The university also conducts research in these areas. However, in recent years the university has added a wider variety of courses (related or not to the rural areas). It has three campuses, one in Recife (headquarters), one in Garanhuns and another in Serra Talhada, UFRPE still possesses advanced campuses throughout the state.


The Central Library UFRPE emerged in 1914 as "book depository" Courses of Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine "São Bento", originally located in Olinda, PE. In 1938 with the change of these courses to the neighborhood of Dois Irmãos, in Recife, the collection was also transferred, occupying an area of 229 m² on the ground floor of the central building of UFRPE until the year 1976 when the building was constructed own with 1026 m². Its facilities were expanded in 2000 m² over from 1980 with the construction of an annex, composed of 03 floors, then going to occupy physical area of 3026 m².

From 1947 to 1955 the Library was named "Library of the Rural University of Pernambuco (B-UFRPE)." Federalized, the University through Decree No. 2,524 of 04/07/1955 combined with Law No. 2,920 of 10.13.1956, joined the federal system of education as an teaching institution and library, to be called "University Library Federal Rural de Pernambuco (B-UFRPE)". That same year saw the start of the technical handling collections.

From the Decree No. 93 of 03/11/1975, the library was renamed to the Central Library of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (BC-UFRPE). In 1978, the Senior Management of UFRPE paying posthumous tribute to one of the masters of this house, he named Professor Mário de Andrade Lima Coelho. Historically, however, the tradition of many years, the Library until today is better known as the Central Library of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (BC-UFRPE).

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