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The Pedagogical University (Portuguese: Universidade Pedagógica) is one of Mozambique's principal universities. The name of the school is abbreviated to UP. The main campus of the school is located in Maputo. There are over 16,000 students attending the UP system.


UP has schools at the following locations:

Student enrollment[edit]

In 2007, Universidade Pedagogica had 31,695 contact students and 506 distance students. Most of these, 31,157, are full-time with a reported 538 part-time students. The questionnaire response also noted that three students were from SADC countries and four from other countries (excluding the SADC region).[1]

Extinction of the Universidade Pedagógica and creation of five new universities[edit]

On 29th January 2019 the Government of Republic of Mozambique approved the Decree 2/2019 that declares the Universidade Pedagogica extinct. [2]. As direct result of this extinction, in separate set of Decrees created five new independent universities.

The new universities created under these governmental decrees

  • UniMaputo - Universidade de Maputo
  • UniSave - Universidade do Save
  • UniPúnguè - Universidade do Púnguè
  • UniLicungo - Universidade do Licungo
  • UniRovuma - Universidade do Rovuma

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