Università telematica internazionale Uninettuno

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UniNettuno University
Università telematica internazionale UniNettuno
Type Private
Established 2005
President Prof. Maria Amata Garito
Rector Prof. Maria Amata Garito
Location Rome, Italy
Website www.uninettunouniversity.net

The UniNettuno University (Italian: Università telematica internazionale UniNettuno), often simply abbreviated as "UniNettuno" is a private university based in Rome, Italy which provides distance e-learning courses via a consortium of 43 universities, companies, and public bodies. It was founded in 2005 with the approval of the Italian government.[1][2]

Master of Science in Health Management[edit]

International Telematic University Uninettuno introduced Master of Science in Health Management program to be able to deliver the essential knowledge and skills to people who are interested in health sector. The focus is on health management in a global and local environment and the program attracts on a growing body of knowledge and proof to enable evaluations throughout various countries.[3]

In 2015 International Telematic University Uninettuno signed the agreement with James Lind Institute. This agreement is part of global collaboration supporting the Master in Health Management and an option of Advanced PG Diplomas, alongside the progression of shared academic paths. James Lind Institute is Singapore based institute offering various online programs in clinical research and Healthcare area and it has students from more than 40 nations.[4]

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