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München- U-Bahnhof Universität- auf Bahnsteig zu Gleis 2 1.4.2010.jpg
Location Munich, Germany
Coordinates 48°09′01″N 11°34′53″E / 48.15028°N 11.58139°E / 48.15028; 11.58139Coordinates: 48°09′01″N 11°34′53″E / 48.15028°N 11.58139°E / 48.15028; 11.58139
Platforms Island platform
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Preceding station   U-Bahn   Following station
toward Moosach

Universität is an Munich U-Bahn station located in the Munich borough of Maxvorstadt. The lines U3 and U6 both call at the station. It is located directly underneath the north-south-running Ludwigstraße, one of central Munich's main traffic arteries and one of the city's Prachtstraßen. The station's location on the western edge of the Englischer Garten also makes it one of the prime access routes to the city's largest park.


The station's main purpose is to serve Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität whose main buildings are located along Ludwigstraße, Veterinärstraße and Schellingstraße.

The station has two exits: In the south on Schellingstraße and in the north on Ludwigstraße/Akademiestraße. The northern exit is built into the university buildings, allowing direct access to LMU's main building (north-west exit) and the Economics and Law faculties (north-east exit).

Places nearby[edit]

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
  • Ludwigskirche
  • Englischer Garten


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