Christian Bilingual University of Congo

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Christian Bilingual University of Congo
Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo (UCBC)
DRC collage - Transformed.png
Motto Love, Work, Faithfulness
Established 2006
Rector David Kasali
Dean Honore Bunduki
Academic staff
David Kasali, Kaswera Kasali, Honoré Bunduki Kwany, Innocent Bora Uzima, Noé Kasali, Mashauri Malonga
Administrative staff
David Kasali, Honoré Bunduki Kwany, Daniel Masumbuko Kasereka, Bethany Erickson, Justin Hubbard, Chelsie Frank, Osée Mbusa Mbailwako, Meredith Knuckles, Grant Haun, Kaza Bendela, Charles Tsongo
Students 300
Location Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo
Nickname UCBC
Affiliations Congo Initiative

UCBC (French: Université Chretienne Bilingue du Congo, English: Christian Bilingual University of Congo) is a Christian bilingual university in development in the town of Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The development of UCBC is supported the Congo Initiative (CI-UCBC), a Christian charity in Wisconsin.[1]

Description of Educational Activities[edit]

Preparatory Year[edit]

CI/UCBC aligns Preparatory year with its academic program. The curriculum focuses on teaching English as means of communication and medium of instruction; computer skills are taught to bring students into the modern world of computer literacy for research and communication; general courses, work methodology and CI-UCBC philosophy and values are also taught to prepare students for studies at UCBC.

Faculty Departments[edit]

Future Building Plans
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences: Department of Management and Computerized Accounting, Department of Agribusiness and the Department of Management and Business Administration
  • Faculty of Theology: Department of Ethics, Leadership Development and The department of Counseling
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences: Department of Computer Engineering and The department of Electromechanics Engineering
  • Faculty of Communication Sciences: Department of Journalism, Multimedia and Communication of organizations
  • Faculty of law


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