Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny

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Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Université de Cocody.png
Latin: Sigilium Universitatis Abidjansis
Former names
University of Abidjan-Cocody (-August 1996)
Motto"Scientia et Sapientia Via Mea"
Established9 January 1964
PresidentProfesseur Bakayoko Ly Ramata
Campus01 BP V34 Abidjan, République de Côte d'Ivoire
ColoursGreen, White
The campus entrance
The University campus

The Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny (previously University of Cocody-Abidjan, fr.: Université de Cocody or Université de Cocody-Abidjan UCA) is a university in the Cocody section of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. It is elite in the country and region. With over 50,000 students, the UCA has 13 faculties and a research center, providing diplomas from two-year undergraduate degrees to professional academic, medical, legal, and specialist degrees. It was the main campus of the nationwide University of Abidjan from 1964 to 1996, when it became an independent institution. It is state owned and operated, and responsible to the Ministry of Education.


UCA was an outgrowth of two French founded institutions from 1958. The Ecole des Lettres d’Abidjan (E.L.A.) founded in October 1958, under the joint administration of the University of Dakar and the Ivorian education directorate ("Direction de l’enseignement de Côte d’Ivoire"). Founded on the same date was the Abidjan Center for Higher Education ("Centre d’enseignement supérieur d’Abidjan").

On 9 January 1964 the government of Côte d'Ivoire fused the institutions and promoted them to the rank of university.[1] The public university system was, until reorganization in 1996, known as the University of Abidjan, with the University of Abidjan-Cocody as the largest of three campuses.

In the reorganization of August 1996, each of the three main campuses became independent universities, accountable directly to the Ivorian Ministry of Education. (The three are the Université d'Abobo-Adjamé, the Université de Bouaké, and the Université de Cocody.) At this time the "Faculties" were re-designated "Unités de formation et de recherche" (UFR) or "Research and Training Units" (RTU). The university consisted of 13 UFRs and one "Center".[2] The number of special research centers and institutes have since expanded. In 2008 there were two Autonomous Research Centers in Social Sciences and Mathematics, as well as ten institutes of advanced study.[3]

It had 53,700 students as of 2008.[4]

The name was changed to Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny in August 2012.[5]



In 1971, the School of Letters (formerly the E.L.A.) became the "Faculté des Lettres, Arts et Sciences Humaines" (FLASH). In 1977, the Department of History, for example, moved from offering only undergraduate courses ("Premier cycle") and began to offer "Deuxième cycle" and "Troisième cycle" diplomas (Master's degrees and PhD).[1]

Autonomous research centers[edit]

  • Centre Ivoirien de Recherche Economique et Social (CIRES), Ivorian center of economics and social sciences
  • Institut de Recherches Mathématiques (IRMA), Institute of mathematics

Other institutes and centers[edit]

  • Centre National de Floristique (CNF)
  • Centre Universitaire de Recherche d’Application en Télédétection (CURAT)
  • Institut de Géographie Tropicale (IGT)
  • Institut d’Histoire, d’Arts et d’Archéologie-Africains (IHAAA)
  • Institut d’Ethno-Sociologie (IES )
  • Centre de Recherche Architecturales et Urbaines (CRAU)
  • Centre Ivoirien d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Psychologie Appliquée (CIERPA)
  • Institut de Recherche, d’Expérimentation et d’Enseignement en Pédagogie (IREEP)
  • Institut de Linguistique Appliquée (ILA)
  • Institut des Sciences Anthropologiques du développement (ISAD)

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