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The Université populaire de Caen (Popular University of Caen) is a free university created in October 2002 by Michel Onfray in the north-western French city of Caen. It functions on a guiding principle of exemption from fees. Access to the Popular University does not require any academic qualifications, and is open to all. It does not have any examinations nor does it award diplomas.

Supporters of the concept[who?] say that it is committed to deliver high-level knowledge to the masses, as opposed to the more common approach of vulgarizing philosophic concepts through easy-to-read books such as Philosophy for Well-being. Critics point out that, unlike other countries, ordinary French universities already provide free access to philosophy (and other) lectures to anyone through the 'auditeur libre' system.

Teaching venues[edit]

The seminars of the university take place in the following locations:

  • Tocqueville amphitheatre, University of Caen
  • Mancel coffee, Caen Castle
  • Museum of the Fine arts of Caen, Caen Castle
  • Room in the Panta Theatre, Caen

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The above information is taken from the French Wikipedia article on the subject.