University of Humanistic Studies

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University of Humanistic Studies
Universiteit voor Humanistiek
University of Humanistic Studie, Utrecht, The Netherlands.jpeg
Main entrance in Utrecht
PresidentProf. dr. Gerty Lensvelt-Mulders
Students400 (2013)
52°5′30″N 5°7′32″E / 52.09167°N 5.12556°E / 52.09167; 5.12556
Universiteit voor Humanistiek logo.jpg

The University of Humanistic Studies (Dutch: Universiteit voor Humanistiek (UvH)) is a university in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is the youngest university in the Netherlands and houses about 400 students.[1] It is also the only university offering a degree programme in humanistic studies. The UvH was founded in 1989 by elevating the status of a pre-existing higher education school of the Dutch secular association Humanistisch Verbond.


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Coordinates: 52°5′30.11″N 5°7′32.29″E / 52.0916972°N 5.1256361°E / 52.0916972; 5.1256361