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Coordinates: 48°26′14.61″N 123°21′34.66″W / 48.4373917°N 123.3596278°W / 48.4373917; -123.3596278

University Canada West (UCW)
University Canada West (UCW) - Vancouver.jpg
Motto Learning that Fits [1]
Type Private for-profit
Established 2005
Chairman Alfred Cosier Morris[2]
Chancellor Mitchell Gropper[3]
President Arthur Coren
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Campus Urban
Owner Global University Systems
Colors Red      and White     [4]
University Canada West Logo.png

University Canada West (UCW)[5] is a private, for-profit, educational institution[6] in British Columbia, Canada. The university was founded in 2005 by David F. Strong, the former president of the University of Victoria, purchased in 2008 by the Eminata Group, and is currently owned by Global University Systems.[7][8] The university is based in downtown Vancouver, and as of 2018 offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in business and management.[9]


University Canada West was founded in Victoria, British Columbia in 2005 by David Strong, the former president of the University of Victoria.[10] The establishment of the university marked the first time in British Columbia that a for-profit institution had been authorized to use the designation "university," the result of the province's recently enacted, controversial Degree Authorization Act.[11] In 2008 the school opened a second campus in Vancouver.[10] That same year it was purchased by the Eminata Group.[8] At the time of the sale, it was reported the school was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and struggling to attract students.[12]

Faced with declining enrollment at its Victoria campus, in February 2010 the university shuttered the second site, giving prior students the option of transferring to another college or to its other campus.[9][13] However, some students interviewed on CBC News said their preferred college was unwilling to transfer their units and they could not afford moving to the college's other campus.[9]

In October 2012, "over 30 students, graduates, faculty and former teachers and employees interviewed by Hindustan Times have alleged that it is a university only in name, and that many of them were duped." At the time of publication, the university denied the allegations saying that it had many students who secured positions in industry and government, both in Canada and abroad.[14]

In 2015, University Canada West was acquired by the Global University Systems group.[15]


Earlier sited on two floors of an office building on Melville Street in downtown Vancouver, the university relocated in 2014 to the nearby London Building where it occupies the first five floors. The 10-storey London Building is located on West Pender Street and was originally built in 1912 for the London and British North American Company.[16][17]


The governance structure of UCW is composed of an academic council and a board of governance, in line with the bicameral system in place at many other Canadian universities.[18][19] Under this structure, the board oversees the strategic direction of the university including fiduciary, legal and financial responsibility, while the academic council – which represents staff, faculty, students and alumni – presides over the university’s academic programs and policies.[20][21]

Although UCW doesn’t receive public funds, the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education requires the institution to file audited financial statements.[20] The institution also undergoes an annual quality review by the Degree Quality Assessment Board.[22][23]

In September 2015, Brad O’Hara was appointed as Vice-President of Academic and Students.[24] As of 2015, the board of governance was chaired by Alfred Morris.[2][dead link]


The University is accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, and carries the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) accreditation under the 2003 Degree Authorization Act.[25][26] The University is also a member of the British Columbia Council on Admission & Transfer and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).[27][28]

As of 2018 UCW offers a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, and an MBA. The mode of study for these degrees is either full-time on campus or part-time online.[29][30][31] It also offers an Associate of Arts degree.[32]


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