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Coordinates: 48°26′14.61″N 123°21′34.66″W / 48.4373917°N 123.3596278°W / 48.4373917; -123.3596278

University Canada West (UCW)[1]
Motto Learning that Fits [2]
Established 2005
Type Private for-profit
Chairman Skip Triplett[3]
Chancellor John Winter[4]
President Arthur Coren
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Campus Urban
Colors Red ‹See Tfm›     and White ‹See Tfm›    [5]
Affiliations AAC&U, IAU
University Canada West Logo.png

University Canada West (UCW) is a private, for-profit educational institution[6] in British Columbia, Canada. The university was founded in 2005 by David F. Strong and purchased in 2008 by the Eminata Group.[7][8] In 2015, it was acquired by the Global University Systems group.[citation needed] Since its founding, it has struggled to attract enough students to stay in business.


University Canada West was founded in 2005. It did not attract many students. By 2008, it was losing $300,000 a month and was negotiating with creditors to avoid bankruptcy.[8] In February 2010 the university closed its campus in Victoria, Canada, giving prior students the option of transferring to another college or to its other campus.[9][10] Students interviewed on CBC News said their preferred college was unwilling to transfer their units and they could not afford moving to the college's other campus.[9]

Educational services[edit]

The school is accredited by the British Columbian government.[10] Tuition for a full undergraduate degree program at UCAN is higher than similar programs at public universities due to the fact that it is not publicly subsidized.[citation needed] According to the Student Aid BC website, 30 per cent of UCW students defaulted on their government-backed loans in 2009. That compares with a default rate of 3.7% at the University of British Columbia and 4.7% at the University of Victoria.[9]


In October 2012, "over 30 students, graduates, faculty and former teachers and employees interviewed by Hindustan Times have alleged that it is a university only in name, and that many of them were duped."[11]


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