University Hospital Centre Zagreb

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University Hospital Centre Zagreb
KBC Rebro aerial.jpg
University Hospital Centre Zagreb - Rebro campus
LocationŠalata 2, Zagreb, Croatia
Care systemPublicly funded health care
Hospital typeClinical
Affiliated universityUniversity of Zagreb
Emergency departmentYes
ListsHospitals in Croatia

The University Hospital Centre (sometimes also Clinical Hospital Centre, Croatian: Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb, KBC) in Zagreb, Croatia, is the largest hospital in Croatia and the teaching hospital of the University of Zagreb. It serves most of Central and Northern Croatia for specialist and acute medical procedures. The average waiting time for outpatient treatment is approximately 5 months and it should be booked in advance either by mail, email or telefax.

The main hospital campus is located in Kišpatićeva street in Maksimir, and is colloquially known as "Rebro". Another major campus is located at Šalata, in immediate vicinity to the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. Currently the hospital center also operates three other locations - the obstetrics facility at Petrova street, the rehabilitation facility at Božidarevićeva street and the dental department at Gundulićeva street.

The University Hospital Centre Zagreb is a publicly funded teaching hospital providing general and advanced medical care. With over ~1800 beds and 5470 employees It is the largest and most advanced medical facility in Croatia.[1]

The hospital is one of the few gamma knife treatment centers in Europe.


The hospital was established in 1942 as the University Hospital Zagreb, when the main site (Rebro) was first built. Other individual hospital locations existed from earlier periods - the first Clinical Hospitals of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine were founded in the 1920s.

Hospital underwent major expansion in early 2000s, when 34 additional operating theaters were added along with the number of other specialist clinics. Currently the hospital consists of 30 clinics and 7 specialized institutes.

Since July 2010, the Clinical Hospital "Jordanovac", a respiratory disease clinic located near Rebro, is part of the University Hospital Centre.


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