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University Oval, referred to by the University of Adelaide, Adelaide University Sports Association[1][2][3] and various other groups,[4] is a part of Park 12 in the Adelaide Parklands located across the River Torrens opposite the University of Adelaide. Park 12 is bounded by North Terrace, Frome Road, Sir Edwin Smith Avenue and King William Road[5]

University Oval[edit]

University Oval comprises University Oval No 1 (capacity 100,000) and No 2 and a variety of soccer and general use fields. The up keep of University Oval is provided by the University of Adelaide[6] as a lease arrangement from the Adelaide City Council. The lease[7] is for:

University oval number one is the home of the Adelaide University Football Club and the Adelaide University Cricket Club.

Torrens River[edit]

Other non contiguous areas of Park 12 include the banks of the River Torrens between Frome Road and King William Road and the Torrens Parade Ground. The banks of the Torrens feature a variety of rowing clubs (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide University, Christian Brothers College, Adelaide High School and Torrens Rowing Club). Commercial interests occupy Jolly's Boathouse Restaurant and the storage sheds for the Popeye pleasure launches.

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