University of Alberta Faculté Saint-Jean

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Faculté Saint-Jean
Established 1908 (1908)
Academic affiliation University of Alberta
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Campus Saint-Jean was first a faculty of the University of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at 84 Avenue and Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91 Street). It was previously known as the Faculté Saint-Jean, but underwent a name change in September 2005 in order to better represent the expansion it has undergone since being acquired by the University of Alberta in 1977.

The Faculty has four program sections: sciences, fine arts and languages, social sciences and education. There are also several programs that are offered as joint programs with the other faculties such as engineering, nursing and business administration. This wide range of studies makes it a very dynamic learning environment. It benefits from small classes, proximity to the teaching staff and being immersed into the surrounding Francophone community.

The Faculté Saint-Jean has a long history in Alberta and began originally as a catholic school for boys in 1908 known as the "Juniorat Saint-Jean". For a more detailed history on the Faculté Saint-Jean, consult the following article Faculté Saint-Jean: A New Faculty But An Old Institution.

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