University of Anbar

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University of Anbar
جامعة الأنبار
Type Public
Established 1987
Location Ramadi, Al Anbar
Website University of Anbar (English)
جامعة الأنبار (Arabic)

The University of Anbar (Arabic: جامعة الأنبار‎‎) is an Iraqi university in Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq. It was founded in 1987 with a college of education and a college of girls' education, and then expanded until it reached university status in 2011 with 19 colleges.


  • Faculty of Education of the Human Sciences. (History, Arabic Language, English Language, Geographic, Quran Sciences)
  • Faculty of Education, Pure Sciences. (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychological Science)
  • Faculty of Science. (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • College of Engineering. (Mechanic, Civil, Electric, Dams and Water sources)
  • Faculty of Arts. (English Language, Arabic Language, History, Geographic, Sociology, Media)
  • Faculty of Law - Ramadi
  • Faculty of Law - Fallujah
  • Faculty of Computers (Systems of data, Computers Sciences)
  • Faculty of Islamic Sciences - Ramadi (Hadith, Foqh, Quran Sciences, Islamic Faiths)
  • Faculty of Islamic Sciences - Fallujah
  • Faculty of Business and Economics - Ramadi
  • College of Management and Economics - Fallujah
  • Faculty of Sports Education
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Education for Girls
  • Faculty of Education - Alqaiim
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy


  • Professor Dr. Naji Tawfiq Mohammed (14/12/1987 — 01/08/1990)
  • Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Kareem Najam (2/8/1990 — 15/9/1997)
  • Professor Dr. Nabil Ammar Ahmed (16/09/1997 — 30/09/2001)
  • Professor Dr. Awni Kamel Shabban (01/10/2001 — 18/05/2003)
  • Professor Dr. Abdul Hadi Rajab Habeeb (19/05/2003 — 16/01/2007)
  • Professor Dr. Mohammed Affan Mukhlid (16/01/2007 — 12/07/2007)
  • Professor Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al.Dulaimi (12/07/2007 — 24/11/2013)[1]

2014 hostage crisis[edit]

On 7 June, gunmen linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant briefly took students at the university hostage after killing a number of guards and destroying "a bridge leading to the main gate".[2] The crisis was resolved when students were permitted to leave several hours later, departing the campus in buses provided by the local government. No students were reported to have been injured during the incident.[3]


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