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Biberach University of Applied Sciences
Established 1964
Principal Thomas Vogel
Administrative staff
240 (70 professors, 170 lecturers)
Students 1800 (Winter Semester 2010/2011)
Location Biberach an der Riss, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Hochschule Biberach logo.svg

The Biberach University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule Biberach - emerged in 1971 out of the public engineering school for architecture, which had been founded in 1964. The study Business Administration in Civil Engineering / Real Estate Marketing was added in 1978. The course in Business Administration at the University of Applied Science Biberach was the first course in this area in Germany. In 1991 the courses in Civil Engineering and Project Management were established. In 1998 the course in Building Services Engineering was added.

In winter semester 2006/2007 the course in Pharmaceutic Bioengineering was established, which was unique in Germany at the time. This course is supported by the company Boehringer Ingelheim. In summer semester 2008 the course in Energy Systems was established in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences Ulm. This cooperation extended to the masters course. Since March 2011 a post-grad colloquium is possible on this course.

Faculties and Programmes[edit]

Following programmes are offered:

  • Architecture, Bachelor of Arts
  • Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering
  • Business Management (Civil Engineering / Real Estate Marketing), Bachelor of Arts
  • Energy Systems, Bachelor of Engineering
  • Energy Economy, Bachelor of Arts
  • Building Climate, Bachelor of Engineering
  • Industrial Biotechnology, Bachelor of Science
  • Pharmaceutic Bioengtechnology, Bachelor of Science
  • Project Management / Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering
  • Architecture, Master of Arts
  • Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering
  • Business Management (Civil Engineering / Real Estate Marketing), Master of Arts
  • Building Climate, Master of Science
  • International Real Estate Management, Master of Business Administration
  • Pharmaceutic Bioengtechnology, Master of Science
  • Planning and Building in an Existing Context, Master of Arts
  • Project Management (Civil Engineering), Master of Engineering
  • Corporate Governance in Construction, Master of Business Administration


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