University of Belgrade Faculty of Security Studies

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University of Belgrade
Faculty of Security Studies
Факултет безбедности
Универзитета у Београду
Type Public
Established 1975
Dean Prof. dr Radomir Milašinović
Location Belgrade, Serbia

The Faculty of Security Studies is an independent department of the University of Belgrade. The school’s programs cover philosophical, sociological, political, legal, economic, psychological, ethical, humanitarian, civilian-military, and other aspects of the security studies, human and social resources, defense, civil defense and environment protection. The school offers academic and undergraduate studies, Master degree studies, doctoral, and specialist undergraduate studies.


The Faculty of security Studies evolved from a department within the National Defense of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty. In 1978, this school grew into an independent university-level educational and scientific institution – the Faculty of People’s Defense, and in 1990 evolved into the Faculty of Civil Defense. Since 2006, the official name of the school is the Faculty of Security Studies.


The administrative body of the Faculty is the Faculty Council. Its members are founders, professors, associate professors, three non-faculty employees and four students. The Faculty is managed by the Dean and Vice Deans. The Faculty has four Vice Deans, three of which are professors and one is a student. The expert bodies of the Faculty are the Academic Council and the Electoral Council. The Faculty activities take place within organizational units.

1. The academic organizational units - departments:

    • Security Studies
    • Defense Studies
    • Civil Protection and Environment Protection Studies
    • Human and Social Resources Management Studies
    • Humanities Studies

2. The research organizational units:

    • Security Studies Institute
    • Human Security Research Centre
    • Peace Studies Centre
    • Conflict Research Centre
    • Security Management Centre
    • Innovations Centre

3. The organizational units of the administrative, technical, and professional services:

    • General Operations
    • Student Services
    • Accounting
    • Student Consulting Centre
    • Library

Research Centers[edit]

Human Security Research Center[edit]

Human Security Research Center is an organizational unit based at the Faculty of Security. This center examines human security as the increasingly non-military and multidimensional understanding of various threats to human society. Its goal is to turn theoretical insights into practical recommendations for policy-making and to develop means which will help decision-makers in local, national and multilateral government and non-government organizations and at all levels of governing structures of society and economy. Its directors are Dragana Dulić, Ph.D. and Ivica Lj. Djordjević, Ph.D.

Basic activities:

  1. research (projects, networks, drafting of official documents and strategic framework)
  2. training (of social and humanitarian workers, court staff, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, military officers, legal experts, cooperation experts working in countries in conflict or emerging form it, and employees at all levels of governing structures of society and economy)
  3. organization of conferences and expert counseling
  4. publication of the international magazine "Human Security" (Људска безбедност) and other publications
  5. constantly providing the employees at the Center and students with current domestic and international news on events such as conferences, on the possibility of getting grants and internships, the presentation of the magazine, etc.

The activities of the Center focus on issues of human security and the possibilities and limitations encountered by international organizations. Changes on the international scene, which represent the framework for this program, include: the extension of the definition of security in the Post Cold-War era; the expansion of multilateral programs set up to cover numerous aspects of conflict theory, conflict management, theoretical and applied strategy, conflict relief in domestic wars, as well as facing new security challenges in general; the promotion of the normative agenda reflected in the increasing importance given to the promotion of human rights, to multi-party democracy and "good government", as well as to the growing number of new forms of humanitarian activities in conflicts and wars and to the expanding role of the private sector and NGOs through a series of interaction with the international organizations.

The activities of the Center focus on the interdependent global system, identifying common interests and working in the interest of general security. The aim of Center's projects will be to promote the security culture of peace and will be realized in cooperation with regional and international participants.


The Faculty has had intensive cooperation with national and international institutions, as well as numerous business organizations. Based on agreements on scientific and technical cooperation, diverse educational and commercial programs have been implemented. Among others, we highlight the following partners:

International and National Academic Institutions and Professional Organizations:

State Agencies, Social Communities, Companies and NGOs:

  • Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Justice, Administration for Execution of Institutional Sanctions of the County Prison in Belgrade
  • Ministry of Science and Environment Protection of the Republic of Serbia
  • City Institute for Health Care, Belgrade
  • Republic Seismology Institute
  • Republic Hydrometeorology Institute
  • Association of Defendologists of the Republic Srpska, Banja Luka
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Srpska, Administration for Police Education
  • Undergraduate School for Internal Affairs, Banja Luka
  • Palilula Municipal Authority
  • Prokuplje Municipal Authority
  • Inđija Municipal Authority
  • Fund for Open Society, Belgrade
  • Alumni Association of the George Marshall Center, Serbia
  • Jugoimport SDPR company, Belgrade
  • Soko-Nada Štark company, Belgrade
  • Belgrade Fair, Belgrade
  • Milan Blagojević – namenska, Lučani
  • Mining and Smelting Basin Bor Group – RTB Bor d.o.o., Bor

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