University of Brighton Students' Union

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University of Brighton Students' Union
Motto Empowering students through representation, participation and encouraging personal development with the provision of quality services and resources.
Institution The University of Brighton

Head Office: Steam House, Lewes Road, Brighton, England

= Plus Offices on all campuses with Shops and Cafes on various sites
Members c. 22,000

University of Brighton Students' Union is the representative body for the students at the University of Brighton. It has over 21,500 members spread across several campuses in the towns of Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. Every student at the University is automatically a member of the SU unless they wish to opt out.

In 2010, the SU gained charitable status, allowing its operations to become more transparent and democratic.


The SU is a charity and is headed up by 5 full-time elected student officers who are primarily tasked with acting as the public face of the SU as well as overseeing its democratic structures and developing strategic 'Legacy' plans. The full-time officers are the primary political voice of the students within the union. They also form part of the 'Board of Trustees'. Other members of the Board of Trustees include 3 External and 3 Student Trustees. All Elected full-time officers are responsible for coordinating and communicating with the elected part-time student representatives relevant to their zones. All officers and representatives are elected via democratic vote.

We have four areas that encompass what we do:

Student Activities

Fun Times

Good Advice

Change Things

Student Activities[edit]

The Student Activities zone covers four main areas; sports, societies, events and volunteering.

Its sub-committee Sports Federation (SportsFed) works with SportsBrighton to fund and organise Brighton Universities sports teams; Brighton Panthers

Its sub-committee Societies Federation (SocFed) provides funding, advice and guidance to the 40+ Societies at Brighton Uni, which includes Dance, Drama, Waves cheerleading, LGBT, Conservation, Food Co-op, Pharmacy, Asian and African Caribbean, as well as Bahai', Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups.

Some of the larger events that have run successfully include the, Freshers’ Week, RAG events, summer garden parties and the graduation ball.

Student representation on the Activities & Events Zone Committee is via the 3 Site entertainment Chairs (Brighton, Eastbourne & Hastings) elected in the Spring elections from each school, as well as the Chair of Sports Federation, and the Chair of Societies Federation; elected at their respective AGM in the Autumn term of each year.

Fun Times[edit]

This zone looks after campuses, shops, cafés and student media.

There is a shop on almost every university site, as well as the following cafe-bars: Basement Central (Cockcroft), The Starting Gate (Eastbourne) and The Hive (Falmer). All proceeds from these facilities go back into student facing activities.

The Communications element enables Student Media groups to operate and access the wider student audience.

Good Advice[edit]

The Good Advice Zone promotes students’ physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental Wellbeing through campaigns, events, and voluntary opportunities. Through working closely with the local Contraception and Sexual Health team, the Good Advice zone runs a variety of events that aim to promote sexual health among students. We also have regular events and campaigns from our mental health and wellbeing team, PEACH (Peer Education and Advice for Campus Health).

We also have our Union Support team providing advice and support for students where possible. Union Support is an independent service that offers help and representation to any student on:

  • Academic Misconduct
  • Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Mitigating Circumstances

Change Things[edit]

The Students’ Union is a democratic organisation. Democracy in the Union means that the decisions made by the SU are based upon the wishes of its students. Students have the ultimate power to make decisions and choose other students to be their elected representatives. These officers are elected by cross campus secret ballot twice a year.

To ensure the smooth running of representation and providing services to over 22,000 students, we have various controls and checks in place to ensure things are done properly and legally. These systems are:

  • Annual general meeting
  • Trustee Board
  • Union Review
  • Constitution and by-laws
  • Elections
  • Referenda

The Academic Zone of Brighton SU exists to make sure the views of students, specifically as learners, are actively listened to and acted upon to inform developments in the University and ensure the SU is working for students. There are regular student forums throughout the year, to ensure that everyone has a voice and everyone’s needs are addressed. The Student Voice team work with the Schools to provide training, support and resources for Course Reps.

Societies Federation[edit]

The Societies Federation is the formal structure for all student formed societies and is responsible for an annual budget that is included in the block grant paid by the University of Brighton. The budget is allocated, to each society on a bid request basis, by the Societies Federation Committee. The SocFed Committee is elected at the SocFed AGM and is made up of a Chair and 5 committee members who are all members of society committees.

Sports Federation[edit]

The Sports Federation is the formal structure for all student-led sports teams that play at University level and is responsible for an annual budget that is included in the block grant paid by the University of Brighton. The budget is allocated, to each team on a bid request basis, by the Sports Federation Committee. The SportFed Committee is elected at the SportsFed AGM and is made up of a Chair and 5 committee members who are all members of Sports Team committees.


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