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Type Asociación civil sin fines de lucro
Established 1978
President Carlos Alfredo Rodriguez
Students 1179
Location Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
34°35′56″S 58°22′21″W / 34.5988°S 58.3724°W / -34.5988; -58.3724Coordinates: 34°35′56″S 58°22′21″W / 34.5988°S 58.3724°W / -34.5988; -58.3724
Campus Urban

The UCEMA (Spanish: Universidad del CEMA)[1] is a private university in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. UCEMA is a non-profit private organization whose beginning dates back to 1978. First founded as a research center (Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos de Argentina) with the objective of contributing to the economic development of the country, the university now offers seven undergraduate programs, nine graduate level programs, and three executive programs in business, finance, economics, computer engineering and political science. At present, UCEMA has more than 262 faculty members with terminal academic degrees in their fields of study, 6068 alumni and 2012 students.


UCEMA's two main buildings are in downtown Buenos Aires in the midst of all financial and cultural activity (in Córdoba Avenue and in Reconquista Street). The installations are fully equipped with the latest technology and include the Adrian Guissarri Library and Documentation Center (containing more than 29,000 volumes), an auditorium, a space for art exhibitions, an information and computing center, a reading room and several study rooms throughout the university.


Undergraduate programs[edit]

Graduate programs[edit]

  • MBA
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration
  • Master in Finance
  • Ph.D. in Finance
  • Master in Economics
  • Ph.D. in Economics
  • Master in Agribusiness
  • Master in Project Evaluation
  • Master in Political Science

Executive programs[edit]


The MBA program taught by the university is accredited by the London-based Association of MBAs (AMBA).

Study Abroad Program for foreign students[edit]

The university offers a specially designed Study Abroad Program, intended for third or fourth year undergraduates, with a wide range of English- and Spanish-language courses in Economics, Business, Political Science, Marketing and International Relations. Undergraduate students participating in the Study Abroad Program are allowed to take up to five courses during their one semester stay. Each course requires between three and five hours a week of classes and a final exam.

The MBA Study Abroad Program, intended for advanced MBA students, offers a wide range of both English- and Spanish-language courses in key areas of management such as Decision Making, Marketing, Strategy, and so on. Study Abroad MBA students share these classes with local MBAs, thus guaranteeing a truly multi-cultural academic experience. MBA students participating in the Study Abroad Program are allowed to take up to three courses during their one quarter stay. Each course involves one weekly class of three hours during twelve weeks and includes a final exam.

Exchange programs[edit]

Accreditations and memberships[edit]

Notable faculty members[edit]


UCEMA publishes the Journal of Applied Economics, Serie Documentos de Trabajo (working papers), Temas de Management and Revista UCEMA.


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