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University of California, Santa Barbara Library
The UCSB Library holds the majority of the UC Santa Barbara Library's collection.
Country United States
Type University library
Location Santa Barbara, California
Coordinates Coordinates: 34°24′47.56″N 119°50′42.64″W / 34.4132111°N 119.8451778°W / 34.4132111; -119.8451778
Other information
Director Denise Stephens, University Librarian

The University of California, Santa Barbara Library is the university library system of the University of California, Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California. The Library include four facilities: Two libraries (the Davidson Library and the Arts Library) and two annexes (Annex I and Annex II).[1] The library has some three million print volumes, 30,000 electronic journals, 34,450 e-books, 900,055 digitized items, five million cartographic items (including some 467,000 maps and 3.2 million satellite and aerial images), more than 3.7 million pieces of microform, 167,500 sound recordings, and 4,100 manuscripts. The Library states that it holds 3.2 miles (5.1 km) of manuscript and archival collections.[2][3] According to data collected by the American Library Association, as of July 2010 the UC Santa Barbara Library holds the 99th largest library collection in America, reporting 2,948,999 volumes.[4]

The library serves UC Santa Barbara's students, faculty, and staff. The Library is also open to the public, but to borrow materials, non-University affiliated individuals must purchase a UCSB Library Card for $100 for one year. However, members of UCSB affiliates may join for a reduced fee, and students and faculty at other University of California campuses, public school teachers, and faculty from reciprocating libraries may also obtain borrowing privileges with no charge, subject to verification. Members of the UC Alumni Association may obtain a courtesy library card, which provides borrowing access, but not access to licensed databases or interlibrary loan, or the ability to check-out journals.[5]

The Davidson Library has eight floors, with the Pacific View Room on the eighth floor offering a view of the Pacific Ocean.[1][3][6]

Since 2011, the University Librarian has been Denise Stephens.[7]


Construction began in October 2013 for an expansion and renovation project,[8][9] now expected to be completed in early 2016.[10] The project includes three parts: A building addition on the north side of UCSB Library; a renovation of the two-story section of UCSB Library; and seismic and code upgrades throughout the whole Davidson Library. The library will temporarily close the 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2) in the two-story section of UCSB Library over the construction period. The new and renovated facility will add 60,000 square feet (5,600 m2) of new space and renovate 90,000 square feet (8,400 m2) more, including a 20% increase in study space, a 24-hour Information Commons, a new Art Library, a new Special Collections research area, a Faculty Collaboration Studio, and dedicated spaces for group work. [11][12] The project aims to be certified LEED Gold. [13] The $71 million project comes during a time of budget crisis for the University of California system, but it is not funded through student fees or tuition dollars; rather, the project is being funded by a State of California bond sale.[14]

Davidson Library[edit]

The East Asian Library, which is on 5th floor of Davidson Library

The Donald C. Davidson Library is named in honor of Donald C. Davidson, who served as University Librarian from 1947 to 1977. It is the library's main branch, holding the general collection and several special collections: The Sciences and Engineering Library, the Map and Imagery Laboratory, the Curriculum Laboratory, the East Asian Library and the Ethnic and Gender Studies Library. The university's Department of Special Collections are also part of the Davidson Library. The Special Collections hold rare books and manuscripts and several collections, which include the Performing Arts Collection, the Wyles Collection on the American West, the Skofield Printers' Collection, and the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives.[3]

The East Asian Library was created in 1967 and is housed in the fifth floor of the Davidson Library. The East Asian Library includes around 163,700 volumes of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean-language materials. The collection has been completely online since July 2005. The bulk of the collection is Chinese (60 percent) and Japanese (39 percent); the Library began to acquire Korean works in 1992 when the university began its Korean program, and now has a few hundred titles in Korean.[15]

Department of Special Collections[edit]

The Department of Special Collections acquires, preserves, and makes accessible rare, valuable, or unique materials which support UCSB students, faculty, and research programs, as well as the scholarly community. The department's holdings are non-circulating but are available for research in the reading room. The Special Collections includes many smaller units, including:

California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives[edit]

California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA) is a permanent program of UCSB and a division of the Department of Special Collections. Its collections on ethnic studies "document the lives and activities of African Americans, Asian/Pacific Americans, Chicanos/Latinos, and Native Americans in California. The collections represent the cultural, artistic, ethnic, and racial diversity that characterizes the state's population."[24]

Established in 1988, the archives include the papers of many organizations and individuals. Holdings in the African American Collections are papers from Grover Cleveland Barnes, the Bay Area Black Panther Party, William Downey, Charles C. Irby, Anita J. Mackey, Horace J. McMillan, Kincaid Rolle, Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward, and Samuel L. Williams. Holdings in the Asian/Pacific American Collections include the archives of the Asian American Theater Company, Kearny Street Workshop, Chinese American Democratic Club, Chinese American Political Association, and Chinese American Voters Education Committee, and the papers of Iris Chang, Frank Chin, Bob Hsiang, Nancy Hom, Michio Ito, Genny Lim, Ester Soriano-Hewitt, Gayle Tanaka, Sam Tagatac, Elizabeth Wong, Flo Wong, and Nellie Wong.[25]

Holdings from the Chicano/Latino Collections include the papers of Oscar Zeta Acosta, Norma Alarcón, Juana Alicia, Carlos Almaraz and Los Four, Alurista, Francisco Camplís, Reynaldo J. Carreon, Sean Carrillo, Ana Castillo, Centro Cultural de la Raza, Federico and Bertha Claveria, the Comisíon Femeníl Mexicana Nacional, the Confederation of la Raza Organizations Collection, Lucha Corpi, Bert Corona, Richard (Ricardo) Cruz and Catolicos por la Raza, Eddie Davis (West Coast Eastside Sound Archives), Richard Duardo, Maria Duke Dos Santos, Ricardo Favela, Juan R. Fuentes, Adelina García, Ben Garza, Shifra Goldman, Maya Gonzalez, Hector Gonzalez, Dan Guerrero, Lalo Guerrero, Mark Guerrero, Paul Holguin, Leo Limon, Yolanda Lopez, Ralph Maradiaga, MEChA, Miguel Mendez, Marcy Miranda, José Montoya, the National Network of Hispanic Women, Victor Ochoa, Carlos Ornelas, Sheila Ortiz-Taylor, Ernesto Palomino, James Prigoff, Eloy Rodriguez, Patricia Rodríguez, Charles Rojo, Gil Sanchez, Self Help Graphics & Art, Simon Silva, Alvaro Suman, El Teatro Campesino, Rini Templeton, Mario Torero, Salvador Roberto Torres, Don Tosti (Edmundo Martinez Tostado), Emigdio Vasquez, Luís Valdez, Linda Vallejo, Esteban Villa, and Helena Maria Viramontes.[25]

Arts Library[edit]

The Arts Library is a branch library of the UCSB Library, holding materials relating to art and music. The Library holds some 200,000 volumes, including more than 110,000 books, journals, videos, microforms, and CD-ROMs; 95,000 auction and exhibition catalogs; and some 60,000 sound recordings and music scores.[3][26] The music library is housed on the second floor of the Arts Library and includes some 25,000 LP records. The music collection includes a non-circulating Goethe Collection includes almost 200 items relating to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, including several first and early editions of Goethe's writings and musical settings of his poetry by Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, Walther Wolfgang von Goethe, Johann Friedrich Reichardt, and Carl Friedrich Zelter.[27]


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