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Bodega Marine Lab, Bodega Marine Reserve

The University of California Natural Reserve System (UCNRS) is a network of protected areas throughout California. The UCNRS is part of the University of California Office of the President, Office of Research and Graduate Studies.[1]

The UCNRS consists of 39 wildland sites that include over 756,000 acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major California ecosystems are represented, from coastal tide pools to Sierra Nevada forests, from deserts to chaparral and oak woodlands.[2]

The reserves also serve as a gateway to more than a million acres of public lands. Founded in 1965 to provide undisturbed environments for research, education, and public service, the Natural Reserve System contributes to the understanding and wise stewardship of the earth.[1]

List of reserves[edit]

Reserve Campus Area (ha) Area (Acre) Coordinates Web Notes
Angelo Coast Range Reserve Berkeley 3,166 7,915 39°43′45″N 123°38′40″W / 39.72917°N 123.64444°W / 39.72917; -123.64444 (Angelo Coast Range Reserve) [3] On the South Fork of the Eel River.
Protected by The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
Año Nuevo Island Reserve Santa Cruz 10 25 37°6′30″N 122°20′10″W / 37.10833°N 122.33611°W / 37.10833; -122.33611 (Año Nuevo Island Reserve) [4] On Año Nuevo Island.
UC manages site within the larger Año Nuevo State Reserve, owned and operated by California State Parks.
Blue Oak Ranch Reserve Berkeley 1,319 3,260 37°22′53″N 121°44′14″W / 37.38139°N 121.73722°W / 37.38139; -121.73722 (Blue Oak Ranch Reserve) [5] In the Diablo Range, northwest of Mount Hamilton.
Bodega Marine Reserve Davis 176 436 38°18′25″N 123°3′54″W / 38.30694°N 123.06500°W / 38.30694; -123.06500 (Bodega Marine Reserve) [6] On Bodega Bay.
Box Springs Reserve Riverside 65 160 33°59′31″N 117°17′43″W / 33.99194°N 117.29528°W / 33.99194; -117.29528 (Box Springs Reserve) [7] Adjacent to the Riverside campus.
Philip L. Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center Riverside 6,749 16,873 33°35′N 116°20′W / 33.583°N 116.333°W / 33.583; -116.333 (Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center) [8] In the Santa Rosa Mountains, near Palm Desert.
Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve Irvine 124 306 34°8′20″N 116°27′10″W / 34.13889°N 116.45278°W / 34.13889; -116.45278 (Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve) [9] In the Mojave Desert, near Joshua Tree National Park.
Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve Santa Barbara 93 230 34°24′N 119°31′W / 34.400°N 119.517°W / 34.400; -119.517 (Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve) [10] In Carpinteria.
Chickering American River Reserve Berkeley 695 1,720 39°14′48″N 120°19′31″W / 39.24667°N 120.32528°W / 39.24667; -120.32528 (Chickering American River Reserve) [11] In the headwaters basin of the North Fork of the American River, Sierra Nevada.
Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve Santa Barbara 68 170 34°25′N 119°52′W / 34.417°N 119.867°W / 34.417; -119.867 (Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve) [12] Adjacent to the Santa Barbara campus.
Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve San Diego 93 230 33°8′30″N 117°15′20″W / 33.14167°N 117.25556°W / 33.14167; -117.25556 (Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve) [13] In the northwestern Laguna Mountains.
Elliott Chaparral Reserve San Diego 43 107 32°52′6″N 117°8′33″W / 32.86833°N 117.14250°W / 32.86833; -117.14250 (Elliott Chaparral Reserve) [14] At former Camp Kearny, on the Kearny Mesa.
Emerson Oaks Reserve Riverside 102 255 33°28′N 117°2′W / 33.467°N 117.033°W / 33.467; -117.033 (Emerson Oaks Reserve) [15] In the Temecula Valley, southern Riverside County.
Protected by TNC.
Fort Ord Natural Reserve Santa Cruz 242 606 36°40′N 121°46′W / 36.667°N 121.767°W / 36.667; -121.767 (Fort Ord Natural Reserve) [16] At the former Fort Ord, near Monterey Bay.
Hastings Natural History Reservation Berkeley 932 2,392 36°12′30″N 121°33′30″W / 36.20833°N 121.55833°W / 36.20833; -121.55833 (Hastings Natural History Reservation) [17] In the Santa Lucia Mountains, upper Carmel Valley.
James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve Riverside 12 29 33°48′30″N 116°46′40″W / 33.80833°N 116.77778°W / 33.80833; -116.77778 (James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve) [18] In the San Jacinto Mountains.
Satellite site Oasis de los Osos (west end of the Coachella Valley) protected by TNC.
Jenny Pygmy Forest Reserve Berkeley 28 70 39°17′N 123°45′W / 39.283°N 123.750°W / 39.283; -123.750 (Jenny Pygmy Forest Reserve) [19] Above the coast in Mendocino County.
Protected by TNC.
Jepson Prairie Reserve Davis 634 1,566 38°16′N 121°49′W / 38.267°N 121.817°W / 38.267; -121.817 (Jepson Prairie Reserve) [20] In the Central Valley.
Protected by TNC and the Solano Land Trust.
Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Reserve San Diego 7 16 32°47′N 117°13′W / 32.783°N 117.217°W / 32.783; -117.217 (Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Reserve) [21] On Mission Bay.
Kenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino Reserve Santa Barbara 200 500 35°31′41″N 121°4′35″W / 35.52806°N 121.07639°W / 35.52806; -121.07639 (Kenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino Reserve) [22] In the Santa Lucia Mountains, near Cambria.
Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve Santa Cruz 1,584 3,911 36°4′N 121°35′W / 36.067°N 121.583°W / 36.067; -121.583 (Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve) [23] In the Santa Lucia Mountains, along the Big Sur coast.
TNC involved in the protection of this site.
McLaughlin Natural Reserve Davis 2,800 7,050 38°52′N 122°24′W / 38.867°N 122.400°W / 38.867; -122.400 (McLaughlin Natural Reserve) [24] Within the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area.
Motte Rimrock Reserve Riverside 289 715 33°48′45″N 117°15′30″W / 33.81250°N 117.25833°W / 33.81250; -117.25833 (Motte Rimrock Reserve) [25] In western Perris Valley, Peninsular Ranges.
Quail Ridge Reserve Davis 784 1,937 38°28′59″N 122°8′58″W / 38.48306°N 122.14944°W / 38.48306; -122.14944 (Quail Ridge Reserve) [26] Near the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area. QuRiNet deployed here.
Sagehen Creek Field Station Berkeley 183 452 39°25′57″N 120°14′13″W / 39.43250°N 120.23694°W / 39.43250; -120.23694 (Sagehen Creek Field Station) [27] In the Northern Sierra Nevada, north of Lake Tahoe.
Operated by the University of California under a long-term special-use permit from the U.S. Forest Service.
San Joaquin Marsh Reserve Irvine 82 202 33°39′30″N 117°51′30″W / 33.65833°N 117.85833°W / 33.65833; -117.85833 (San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh Reserve) [28] Upper Newport Bay.
Santa Cruz Island Reserve Santa Barbara 18,624 46,020 34°0′N 119°44′W / 34.000°N 119.733°W / 34.000; -119.733 (Santa Cruz Island Reserve) [29] Santa Cruz Island.
Protected, owned, and managed by TNC.
Scripps Coastal Reserve San Diego 342 844 32°52′30″N 117°15′15″W / 32.87500°N 117.25417°W / 32.87500; -117.25417 (Scripps Coastal Reserve) [30] Adjacent to the UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
Sedgwick Reserve Santa Barbara 2,358 5,896 34°42′N 120°1′W / 34.700°N 120.017°W / 34.700; -120.017 (Sedgwick Reserve) [31] In the Santa Ynez Valley and the foothills of the San Rafael Mountains.
Sierra Nevada Research Station—Yosemite Field Station Merced 37°32′23″N 119°39′29″W / 37.53972°N 119.65806°W / 37.53972; -119.65806 (Sierra Nevada Research Institute--Yosemite Field Station) [32] Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada.
Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve Davis 233 583 38°30′32″N 122°5′50″W / 38.50889°N 122.09722°W / 38.50889; -122.09722 (Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve) [33] Within the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area.
Steele Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center Irvine 248,882 615,000 33°14′N 116°23′W / 33.233°N 116.383°W / 33.233; -116.383 (Steele Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center) [34] An agreement with Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the Anza-Borrego Foundation makes the park, which is managed by California State Parks, available to field station users.
Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve Los Angeles 126 310 34°6′N 118°39′W / 34.100°N 118.650°W / 34.100; -118.650 (Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve) [35] In Los Angeles County, within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center Riverside 3,600 9,000 34°48′20″N 115°39′50″W / 34.80556°N 115.66389°W / 34.80556; -115.66389 (Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center) [36] In the Granite Mountains, within the Mojave National Preserve.
Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve Santa Barbara 87 205 37°37′30″N 118°59′30″W / 37.62500°N 118.99167°W / 37.62500; -118.99167 (Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve) [37] In the high Sierra Nevada and the upper Owens Valley.
Includes Valentine Camp and the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL).
White Mountain Research Center Los Angeles 18 45 37°21′41″N 118°19′36″W / 37.36139°N 118.32667°W / 37.36139; -118.32667 (White Mountain Research Center) [38] Five research facilities ranging from the Owens Valley to the highest point of the White-Inyo Mountains east of the town of Bishop.
Younger Lagoon Reserve Santa Cruz 10 26 36°57′3″N 122°3′57″W / 36.95083°N 122.06583°W / 36.95083; -122.06583 (Younger Lagoon Reserve) [39] The northwest edge of Monterey Bay on the west side of the city of Santa Cruz.


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