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Student regent of the University of California
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Hayley Weddle

since July 1, 2019
Member ofRegents of the University of California
NominatorUniversity of California Student Association Board of Directors
Regents' Special Committee to Select a Student Regent
Student government nominating commissions
AppointerRegents of the University of California
Term lengthOne year
(Preceded by approx. one-year term as Regent-designate)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of California
First holderCarol Mock
DeputyUniversity of California Student Regent-designate
SalaryTwo-year full tuition waiver or scholarship

The student regent is a position on the University of California Board of Regents created by a 1974 California ballot proposition to represent University of California (UC) students on the university system's governing board. It is required by the California Constitution. Student regents serve an approximately one-year term as 'student regent-designate', followed by a one-year term as a full voting member of the Regents. The 2018-2019 student regent is Devon Graves, a UCLA graduate student , and the student regent-designate is Hayley Weddle, a UCSD graduate student.

Selection process[edit]

Virtually any UC student in good academic standing may apply to be student regent. Southern and northern regional UC student nominating commissions annually select ten semifinalists from those who apply. These semifinalists are then interviewed by the University of California Student Association (UCSA) board of directors. The board chooses three applicants, who are then interviewed by the Regents’ Special Committee to Select a Student Regent. The Regents may reject the list of finalists. The committee then recommends a nominee to the full board of University of California Regents, which then votes on the nominee. Once approved, the nominee becomes 'student regent-designate', shadowing the student regent for approximately one academic year until the beginning of their formal, year-long term on July 1 of the next year.[1][2][3][4] Traditionally, the position alternates between undergraduate and graduate students as well as between the various UC campuses.[citation needed] However, some students involved in the selection process have said that it may be biased towards graduate students as well as students from UCLA and UC Berkeley, traditionally considered the flagship campuses of the UC system.[5]


Student regents have been noted for their support of affirmative action and diversity,[6][7][8] and opposition of nuclear weapons research[9][10][11] and fee increases.[12][7][8]

In May 2011, student regent Jesse Cheng resigned after being arrested for allegedly committing sexual battery against a UCLA graduate student. Cheng was found responsible for "unwanted touching" by UC Irvine's student conduct office, but the Orange County District Attorney declined to file charges against him. The student regent-designate at the time, Alfredo Mireles, was appointed voting student regent after Cheng's resignation.[13][14][15][3]

In 2013, the nomination of Sadia Saifuddin, the first Muslim student regent, was criticized by pro-Israel and conservative entities, such as StandWithUs and David Horowitz, due to Saifuddin's past support for disinvestment from Israel. In the final vote to appoint Saifuddin, only Regent Richard C. Blum abstained from voting in favor.[16][17][18] Regent Norman Pattiz was not present at the time of the vote.[19][20] During June 2013, student regent Jonathan Stein was a member of the Regents committee that selected Janet Napolitano to be nominated and presented to the full Board of Regents for a confirmation vote.[citation needed]

In 2014, the appointment of Saifuddin's successor, Avi Oved, was opposed by students and student groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine, due to conflict of interest and transparency concerns. The Daily Californian reported that when running for an elected student government position at UCLA, Oved received campaign donations from Israeli-American businessman Adam Milstein that were secretly routed through Hillel's UCLA chapter. Oved and his supporters responded that UCLA's student government election regulations did not require disclosure of donors, and that the opposition was motivated by anti-Semitism. The UC Student Association nominating committee voted to delay its nomination of Oved in order to fully investigate, but the Board of Regents rejected the delay and voted to appoint Oved, with only Saifuddin voting in opposition.[21][22][23][24][25][26][27]

In January 2016, Oved and his successor, Marcela Ramirez, attended costly Regents' dinners paid for by university funds. The dinners were criticized by state legislative leaders, government watchdog groups, student government leaders, and students at large.[28][29] The dinners appeared to violate university policy, and after The San Francisco Chronicle publicly reported the dinners' existence and funding, university leaders said they would no longer pay for the dinners.[30]

In May 2016, UC Berkeley Law student Paul Monge Rodriguez was nominated to be student regent for the 2017-2018 academic year.[31][32][33] Monge previously criticized Berkeley's discipline of then-law dean Sujit Choudhry for sexual harassment, calling it a "slap on the wrist".[34]

List of student regents[edit]

List of student regents[35][36]
No. Student regent Term as regent Campus Student status during term Major or field of study during term
1 Carol Mock 1975–1976 Santa Barbara senior political science
2 Daryn Peeples 1976–1977 Berkeley senior English
3 Michael S. Salerno 1977–1978 Davis graduate law
4 Renee Turkell 1978–1979 Los Angeles senior English
5 Hector C. Lozano 1979–1980 Davis senior sociology
6 Leslie K. Lurie 1980–1981 Los Angeles junior political science/communications
7 David A. Neuman 1981–1982 Los Angeles junior communications studies
8 Linda Rae Sabo 1982–1983 San Diego senior philosophy
9 Richard Anderson 1983–1984 Los Angeles graduate psychology
10 Fred N. Gaines 1984–1985 Berkeley graduate law
11 Janice C. Eberly 1985–1986 Davis junior agricultural economics
12 David B. Hoffman 1986–1987 Los Angeles sophomore political science
13 Jacquelyn Ross 1987–1988 Davis senior applied behavioral science
14 Deborah Thorpe 1988–1989 Davis junior chemistry
15 Guillermo Rodriguez 1989–1990 Berkeley junior sociology/communications
16 Jenny Doh 1990–1991 Irvine senior political science
17 Diana Darnell 1991–1992 San Francisco graduate anatomy
18 Alex Wong 1992–1993 Berkeley graduate law
19 Darby Morrisroe 1993–1994 Davis senior political science
20 Terrence Wooten 1994–1995 Riverside senior biology
21 Edward Gomez 1995–1996 Riverside graduate history
22 Jess Bravin 1996–1997 Berkeley graduate law
23 Kathryn McClymond 1997–1998 Santa Barbara graduate religious studies
24 Max R. Espinoza 1998–1999 Los Angeles senior political science/Chicano studies
25 Michelle K. Pannor 1999–2000 Berkeley senior conservation resources
26 Justin W. Fong 2000–2001 Los Angeles graduate public policy
27 Tracy M. Davis 2001–2002 Los Angeles graduate higher education and organizational change
28 Dexter Ligot-Gordon 2002–2003 Berkeley graduate
29 Matthew Murray 2003–2004 Berkeley junior architecture
30 Jodi Anderson 2004–2005 Los Angeles graduate higher education
31 Adam Rosenthal 2005–2006 Davis graduate law
32 María Ledesma 2006–2007 Los Angeles graduate higher education
33 Benjamin Allen 2007–2008 Berkeley graduate law
34 D’Artagnan Scorza 2008–2009 Los Angeles graduate education studies
35 Jesse Bernal 2009–2010 Santa Barbara graduate education studies
36 Jesse Cheng 2010–2011 May (resigned) Irvine undergraduate
37 Alfredo Mireles Jr. 2011 May – 2012 San Francisco graduate
38 Jonathan Stein 2012–2013 Berkeley graduate master's/law
39 Cinthia Flores 2013–2014 Irvine graduate law
40 Sadia Saifuddin 2014–2015 Berkeley undergraduate
41 Abraham "Avi" Oved 2015–2016 Los Angeles undergraduate economics
42 Marcela Ramirez 2016-2017 Riverside graduate higher education administration and policy[37]
43 Paul Monge Rodriguez 2017-2018 Berkeley graduate law
44 Devon Graves 2018-2019 Los Angeles graduate higher education[38][39]
45 Haley Weddle 2019-2020 San Diego graduate higher education
46 Jamaal Muwwakkil 2020-2021 Santa Barbara graduate Linguistics


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