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University of Cambridge Graduate Union
InstitutionUniversity of Cambridge
LocationCambridge, England

The University of Cambridge Graduate Union is the official graduate students' union at the University of Cambridge, England.[1] It is responsible for supporting graduate students and advocating issues via University committees and beyond.[2] In November 2019, students voted by referendum to dissolve both the Graduate Union and Cambridge University Students' Union to form one student union, Cambridge SU.[3]

The University of Cambridge Graduate Union was the first students' union in Britain catering mostly to graduates.[citation needed] It publishes an annual Handbook with useful information on adjusting to life as a Cambridge graduate student, an online 'Alternative Prospectus' of the University of Cambridge (mostly for new members arriving in Michaelmas Term) and a weekly bulletin circulated to members throughout the year.[citation needed]

Former Presidents[edit]

Cambridge University Graduate Society

  • Greta Burkill, 1955-1969


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