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The University of Canberra Library is the principal Library of the University of Canberra, located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.


The Library is located in Building 8 in the centre of the campus.


The Library has extensive print and electronic collections across the full range of disciplines supported by the University of Canberra.

The Library has a number of special collections, these include:

  • Lu Rees Archives: a sub library owned and staffed by the Children's Book Council of Australia which houses a collection of resources encouraging the study and research of Australian children's literature;
  • Clough Collection: early works on the history of landscape, landscape design, gardens in many countries, plants and gardening, art, architecture and design; and
  • Rare Books Collection: comprises books with an imprint pre 1900, plus some special or limited editions.


Coordinates: 35°14′17″S 149°05′00″E / 35.238068°S 149.08336°E / -35.238068; 149.08336