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University of Cape Verde
Universidade de Cabo Verde
Motto Sciencia via est
Knowledge is the Way
Type Public
Established November 21, 2006
Affiliation AULP
President Mario Lima
Rector Judite Nascimento
Students 5074[1]
Address Av. Santo Antão, Praia, Cape Verde

The University of Cape Verde (Portuguese: Universidade de Cabo Verde) is a Cape Verdean university. The university is maintained by the Ministry of High Education, Science and Innovation. The main campus is in Palmarejo, Praia on Avenida Santo Antão, an area named after the country's main geographical features along with places.

According to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities in 2016, the university was the fourth best in the PALOP countries and is the best in the nation.


The base of higher education in Cape Verde was first done on June 28, 1979 with the Escola de Formação de Professores (EFPES), it was formed by teaches who lectured in a secondary school, in 1982, it had teachers in a basic portion.[3] In 1995, EFPAS was replaced with the High Education Institute (ISE).[3]

The university was formed in November 20, 2006 by the merging of three colleges:[4]

  • ISE (Instituto Superior de Educação, High Educational Institute) located in Palmarejo, Praia, created under the decree-law 54/95 of October 2, 1995
  • ISECMAR (Instituto Superior de Engenharias e Ciências do Mar, High Institute of Marine Engineering and Sciences) in Mindelo, created under the decree-law 40/96, of October 21, 1996
  • INAG (Instituto Nacional de Administração e Gestão, National Administration and Management Institute), in Achada Santo António, Praia, created under the resolution of 24/98, signed under the decree-law 40/96 of October 21, 1998

In 2007, a third school officially joined the others:

On November 20, 2006, the Council of Ministries made a law numbered 53 of 2006 creating the country's first university and a public one. A part of the improvements and teachers were done by Brazilian universities.[5][6][7]

All four institutions fully became associated with the University of Cape Verde with a specified judicial figure in the first year after the university was created. Under the law-decree no. 29/2008 on October 9, ISE, ISECMAR and INAG were eliminated, it fully became part of the university.[4]

In 2010, the university took part in an international conference titled Cidade Velha and African World Culture, the Future Has Passed II (Cidade Velha e a Cultura Afro-Mundo, O Futuro do Passado II) hosted by UNESCO that took place at the S. Francisco (St. Francis) Convent in Cidade Velha west of Praia as the year was the Year of History, it took place from 31 May to 2 June.

On January 31, 2014, three candidates ran for rector. It was the first time in Cape Verdean history that a university rector would be directly chosen by the student body, faculty members as well as by the staff. Of the three candidates that vied for the position, Dr Judite de Nascimento overwhelmingly won the election and became the first elected university rector and first female rector.[8][9]

Once the country's only University, other universities in the country include the University of Santiago de Cabo Verde also in Praia and the University of Mindelo-São Vicente in Mindelo.

About the University[edit]

The University of Cape Verde has five campuses:[10]

The largest university in Cape Verde offers 41 bachelor's degrees, 19 master's degrees (including a medical degree), 20 associate's (technical) degrees, and 3 doctoral degrees.

The university's rector building is in the Plateau of Praia, the city center, located in the middle of the north end of Avenida Andrade Corvo next to Rua Dr. António Loreno (formerly Visconde de São Januário), east of Praça António Loreno (ex-Luis de Camões).


Name Term Campus Election form
António Leão de Aguiar Correia e Silva[11] November 22, 2006 - June 15, 2011 Instituto Superior de Educação Presidential Elevation
Paulino Lima Fortes[12] June 15, 2011 - February 24, 2014 School of Maritime Sciences Presidential Elevation
Judite da Encarnação Medina do Nascimento[9] since February 24, 2014 Faculty of Science and Technology Rectorial elections

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Mário Lúcio, singer and Minister of Culture, in 1982
  • Georgina Mello, in 2004, she later became the director general of CPLP, the Lusophony countries.

Notable professors[edit]

Public transport[edit]

The university is accessed with public transport with its bus stops by the university. Two transit lines passes near the university often or sometimes, they include:[14]

  • Palmarejo - Plateau – Achada Grande
  • Palmarejo – Plateau – Eugénio Lima


  • Maria Baptista Soares, Fragmentos - Sociedade Marginal. University of Cape Verde, Praia, 1995.
  • Maria Baptista Soares, Metamorfóses do Habitat. Caminho, University of Évora/University of Cape Verde, Évora/Praia, 2003.

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