University of Central Arkansas shootings

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University of Central Arkansas Shooting
Location University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, United States
Coordinates 35°04′44″N 92°27′34″W / 35.07898°N 92.45937°W / 35.07898; -92.45937Coordinates: 35°04′44″N 92°27′34″W / 35.07898°N 92.45937°W / 35.07898; -92.45937
Date October 26, 2008 (2008-10-26)
c. 9:00 pm (CDT)
Attack type
School shooting
Deaths 2
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Kawin Brockton, Kelsey Perry, Mario Tony, and Brandon Wade

The 2008 University of Central Arkansas shooting was a school shooting that took place on the 12,500-student campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas on Sunday, October 26, 2008.[1]

The shooting occurred after 9:00pm CDT outside of the Arkansas Hall dormitory. Two students – Ryan Henderson, 18, and Chavares Block, 19 – were fatally shot. A third person, 19-year-old Martrevis Norman, a non-student visiting the campus, was shot in a leg and was treated at the nearby Conway Regional Medical Center.[2]

Four suspects were charged in the shooting: Kawin Brockton, 19, Kelsey Perry, 19, Mario Tony, 20, and Brandon Wade, 20.[3]

This was the second time in 2008 that an Arkansas campus was the scene of a shooting. On February 27, 2008, a student was shot and injured at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Two suspects were arrested and charged in that crime however it was later determined that the UALR shooting was not a prototypical "school shooting" as it involved non-students.[4]